Why belly fat builds

Fat is the part of the human body. No matter how healthy or unhealthy the body is, everyone has certain amount of fat in regarding to the body mass. It cannot be seen in open eyes.

Owing particular amount of fat is not bad until it crosses the limit. But, once it’s realized that fat increasing at a good amount. Then it should be controlled as soon as possible. The methods of reducing fat from the body will be harder and longer.

Usually fat builds all over the body regardless the specific part of the body. But, sometime it seems like that fat builds especially in belly. Once it is started then it becomes bloated within short span of time. You will never know what is happening inside the body unless you measure your body weight once in a week.

From different studies it is proved that when fats stared to grow, it grows faster in the abdominal zone.  So many researchers all over the world trying to figure out the reasons why belly fat builds so fast. Although there is no particular reason being found lately. But there are some few common reasons.

I have written about those reasons in below-

1. Genetic reason

Sometime people seem to claim that despite dieting all the time they are gaining fat rapidly. Whereas their nearest friend eating too much but not getting fat.

Health specialist insists that it mainly happens because of genetic reason. Certain type of molecular genes helps to build fat around the abdominal zone.This is gained as an inheritor.

The genes responsible for weight gaining are transmitted from parents to the children. It is most likely biological and hereditary process. It is found in research,  If your parents or blood relatives are significantly overweight then the chances of your gaining weight is 80%. When the reason of gaining weight is genetic then the chances of losing weight is less. Even if you take low calorie meal or perform harder physical activity.

A number of genes play various complex role in weight gaining or losing. But fewer are major contributor of them. Genes affect the weight gaining process in many ways. It influences appetite, the sense of cram fullness, metabolism, emotional eating and fat distribution.

Some symptoms indicate the degree of contribution of genes behind the weight losing process. If you follow a certain diet, workout program and lose significant amount of weight then it can be said that genes less affect your weight gaining and losing process. So people with mild gene tendency have chances of losing weight by following low calorie diet and physical activity.

2. Age

Middle age is the perfect time for gaining some good amount of fat in the body. Health specialist found that during this age fat tends to grow more than the other time.

This trend is more intense in women than men. The hormonal change along with the age is a reason behind it.

3. Metabolism

Metabolism is the most important factor for building fats in human body. If it slows down, then the fat will grow faster. It is scientifically proved that metabolism slows down as a result of aging. Therefore, fat building grows up as you are aging gradually.

On the other hand, metabolism also slows down if someone tends to consume food taking long interval.

4. Diet

Some type of the foods we eat helps to increase the production of insulin inside the body. This tends to build up fat in return.

For example foods produced from refined grains have high glycemic index values. Refined grains includes - white rice, white flour and cornmeal.These food increases insulin production significantly.

5. Saturated fats

Meat and dairy products are the great sources of saturated fat. In our everyday life we used to consume these food products regardless the affects. Red meat comes with a good amount of saturated fats, whereas white meats are mostly free of this element. Increasing consumption of this element can enhance the cholesterol and testosterone levels, which can lead the way to muscle and fat gaining all over the body.

There are so many other common factors which I have discussed in the Why fat builds section. You may learn more from the other article.

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