What is Alli Weight Loss

Alli is based on Orlistat and it is an over-the-counter medication. This medication is used to help overweight people lose weight. In most studies, it has been found that, compared to dieting alone; an effort that combines both the use of Alli and a planned diet is more fruitful. Allie weight loss therefore refers to weight loss effort based on the utilization of the Alli supplement in an effective way.


Alli is also considered a lighter version of the supplement. Alli is mostly used by the adults aged 18 or more following a reduced calorie, low fat diet. The stronger version of the supplement is known as Xenical. Both Alli and Xenical are regarded as popular drugs. The only difference is that one is prescription drug and the other is non-prescription version. It is said that Alli can be used to block almost one third of the consumed fat.


Working Mechanism

Some inhibitors are known as lipase inhibitors. Alli is one of them and therefore Alli can block the intestines from absorbing the eaten fats. The percentage of these blocked fats is almost 25% or more in some cases. The un-absorbed fats are then left to leave the body through the body’s bowel movements.

Among all the fats, the visceral fats are considered as most dangerous. These fats are specifically targeted by the Alli’s mechanism of action. In this way, Alli can successfully reduce type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other heart diseases such as stroke.



There has been several studies and research conducted on the effects of Alli. The XENDOS study is the most important and popular one so far that was conducted in Sweden.

In all studies and research including the XENDOS study, it has been found that the active main ingredients of Alli the Orlistat can significantly reduce the weight if combined with diet and exercise. The amount of reduction is twice compared to diet or exercise alone.

Alli has also been linked to several other health benefits, possibly due to the weight loss effects.

Because of Alli’s weight loss effects, other health benefits have been observed such as lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, heart diseases due to overweight advanced diabetes and other diseases. On average, some people have even lost 10% of their overall body weight in just 6 months after starting to use Alli.



There are some precaution that you have to abide by when start Alli for the first time or thinking to continue Alli for a longer period. Therefore if you are thinking to start Alli please consider the following issues:

  1. In case of organ transplant, do not use Alli. Transplant rejection is prevented with the use of special drugs and Alli has shown to interfere with these drugs.
  2. If you are under the medication of Cyclosporine.
  3. If you are not that overweight.
  4. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid Alli.


Side Effects

Alli shows some side effects and most common among them are loose stools and changes in bowel movements. In any case, doctor’s advice is necessary if any of the following symptoms are observed:

  1. Having difficulty in controlling bowel movements
  2. Suffering from loose, frequent stools
  3. Having oily or fatty stools
  4. Observing oily spots on undergarments
  5. Pain inside stomach or rectum
  6. Problems of passing gas more often
  7. Having urgent need to have a bowel movement
  8. Suffering from anxiety
  9. Observing changes in woman’s menstrual cycle
  10. Suffering from severe headaches



Alli is available in its capsule form. Normally the capsule is taken with a low-fat meal 3 times a day. It is always advised that you take a low-calorie, low-fat diet while under this medication. Otherwise, there can be adverse side effects in your digestive systems. It is recommended that each of your meal should not contain calories where more than 30% of it comes from fat. At the same time you need to take multi-vitamins as the drug has negative properties in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins

In general, the normal dose of Alli is 1 capsule of 120 mg. As discussed earlier, take this capsule 3 times a day with each of your meal. But keep in mind that whenever you take alli you need to make sure you are eating fat based foods.



Orlistat (Xenical form) can be purchased on prescription from a doctor (120 mg capsule). On the other hand, the low-version Orlistat (Alli 60 mg capsule) is available to buy only over-the-counter in drug stores or pharmacies.

There is a guideline that the pharmacists are required to follow as well:

  1. User is over the age of 18.
  2. User’s BMI must be 28 years or above.
  3. On each request to purchase Allie, the buyer’s BMI has to be checked.
  4. Not more than 6 months is the time limit for the use of Alli in one continuation.
  5. After observing the performance for 3 months if the outcome is negative, then the buyer must not continue the use of Alli.
  6. Maintain an appropriate diet and exercise plan.

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