Loss one pound a day

Losing just one pound from body is not a difficult task if you can spend reasonable time to lose weight. I bet it’s just piece of cake in terms of long term planning.

But, if someone wants to lose one pound of weight within a day, then it would be a real tough work to accomplish. Although we know from the previous discussion that losing one pound is all about burning 3500± calories. As different studies show that 3500 calorie is more or less equivalent to one pound of weight.

So, theoretically it is possible to lose one pound within a day by performing activities worth of 3500± calories. In reality to lose extra 3500 calories in addition to the value of BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate=2200 ± calories) is very impossible.

Now, you may be stubborn and ambitious in terms of losing weight. Nothing is impossible for you while you are on the way. But, can you imagine walking 70 miles a day? This distance on foot is worth of burning 3500 calories in return! So it necessarily means that you have to burn 5700 calories in one day.

Practically it would be a real hard work to walk 70 miles a day. As we are not living in the prehistoric age!

On the other hand as a result of performing endless number of activities you can lose body fluids significantly, which is worth 1 pound of weight. So, instead of burning fat you are burning liquids from the body. It can pave the way to make you feel sick.

It is very irrelevant to make approaches of losing one pound a day. There are so many sources or websites available out there suggesting the way to lose one pound a day. Literally, it’s not possible at all.

Don’t go for the unrealistic goal

Losing one pound a day is quite an unrealistic goal to achieve while you are on the way to lose weight or flattening belly. Losing weight is all about the burning calories from the body. It’s almost impossible to lose 3500 calories in a day in addition to the BMR (basal metabolic rate).

If you think that you do have super human structure and can necessarily cope up with any kind of new ways or practices, then I have to alert you once again that doing so many things within a short span of time can make you awfully overwhelmed.  So, it is better to stick to the slow going process in the perspective of weight loss process.

Don’t look for the short term process. In some cases you might be successful within short span of time, but I am quite sure it won’t be sustainable for long time. In addition short term process can make you sick and weak alongside

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