Losing Weight with Lemon

Lemon water has a number of health benefits and one of those benefits is its weight loss properties. Water mixed with lemon juice, this drink is nutritious. It contains calories, sugars, vitamins, Potassium etc. Lemon water is a good low-calorie and low-sugar beverage.


How to Prepare Lemon Water?

You have to use fresh natural lemons as the main ingredient here. You need to squeeze the lemon water (warm or cold). You may want to infuse the flavor and taste of the lemon water. For that purpose, you can use a number of other ingredients, such as:

  1. Springs of mint,
  2. Maple syrup or raw honey,
  3. Fresh ginger,
  4. Cinnamon,
  5. Limes and oranges, or cucumbers.

As we know that cold water helps to burn more calories, therefore some people prefer cold water based lemon water. Others prefer warm water based lemon water, as it boosts the digestive functions. Therefore, the best temperature of water while preparing a lemon water drink is a debatable issue. In most cases, the warm water version is most preferable and usually the most preferred time to take this warm water lemon drink is in the morning. The breakdown of a glass of lemon water is like this:

  1. Calories: 9,
  2. Sugars: less than 1 gram,
  3. Vitamin C: 25% of the RDI,
  4. Folate: 1% of the RDI, and
  5. Potassium: 1% of the RDI


Weight Lose Properties

Drinking water itself is beneficial for losing body weight in a number of ways. If you drink water before every meal, it will cause your stomach to be filled up. Therefore, you will eat less during your meal. This in turn will reduce your daily calorie intake. The result is that you will lose weight. Now if you drink water that is mixed with lemon juice then you will get some added benefits in losing weight. Because lemons have, some natural chemical properties that will help you lose weight. Let’s check those benefits.

  • Polyphenol

Lemon contains Polyphenols. These are micronutrients with their antioxidant properties. This Polyphenol has been identified by researchers to be responsible for less weight gain in the body and improved fat metabolism. Polyphenol is a plant chemical. It puts limit into the increase of body fat.

  • Potassium

The body metabolism and digestion can be boosted by Potassium. A lemon contains 49 milligrams of potassium. This amount is almost 1 percent of daily need. Increased body metabolism and good digestive function are some of the essential conditions to lose body weight. Therefore drinking lemon water on a regular basis will definitely help you lose weight and keep you fit and healthy.

  • Pectin

Lemons contain the element Pectin that is a kind of fiber. Fiber based foods are the best to fight hunger cravings. These foods keep you feeling full for a longer period. Regular drinking of lemon water especially in the morning (before or during your breakfast) will cause reduction of body weight.

  • Alkaline

Alkaline diets are regarded as good weight loss diets. Many studies show that alkaline diet pushes the body to lose weight at a faster pace. As the lemon water drink is an alkaline drink it will help, you lose weight fast.

  • Vitamin C

One fourth of the daily Vitamin C requirements can be fulfilled with just 1 lemon. For a diet focusing on weight loss, this is great. Those people who have lower level of vitamin C in their tissues can’t burn fat in adequate amount during exercise sessions.

  • Calorie Intake

Weight loss does not occur if you can’t decrease your calorie intake. If someone drinks lemon water, usually it replaces the sugary, higher-calorie beverages. This automatically minimizes the daily overall caloric intake. In a comparison among regular cola drinks, apple juice and lemon water you will see that lemon water has minimal calories (136 calories for regular cola drinks and 192 calories for apple juice). In this way, our daily, monthly or yearly calorie intakes get decreased. You start to lose weight.

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