Losing Weight Every Day

How we think, live and what we eat can help us lose weight every day. Exploring what helps lose weight every day is useful. Below are some way to lose weight.

Weighting and Charting Weight

Having weight checked every morning is a good idea. Charting weight helps monitor progress in losing or maintaining weight. It provides sense of accomplishment or disappointment, which can be translated into motivation for a person to stick to what are useful to lose weight.

Having Plan for Meals

Having plan for meals with the help of using calorie calculator is useful. Depending on how much weight a person wants or needs to lose, calorie intake can be reduced. Reducing 500 calories a day makes it 3500 calories a week, which amounts to loss of one pound of body weight. Once a person has daily calorie intake target, calories can be allocated for four to five meals a day. Types and amount of foods for meals should also be in line with calorie intake target.

Planning Healthy Snacks

Having healthy snacks instead of unhealthy snacks is useful in losing weight. Yogurt, veggies, dried fruits and fruits can be good choices.

Finding Lower-Fat Alternatives

Consuming lower-fat foods is a great way to lose weight. Adding veggies and fruits in meals is a good way to reduce fat intake. When it comes to consumption of healthy fat, we don’t need to replace or reduce them.

Eating Slowly

Easting slowly is useful in preventing overeating and weight gain. It takes time for brain to receive signals of feeling of fullness. Eating slowly allows the brain to have that time to feel full. Eating fast can get us to eat more that what we need to feel full. 

Serving size

Controlling portion size in accordance with serving size is important and helps lose or maintain weight. Using food scale and pre-measured containers are useful in controlling portion size.

Thinking Long Term

Losing weight over long term is better and more sustainable than losing weight in short term. Losing weight too fast isn’t sustainable. Losing a pound per week is a good rate, which takes reduction of 500 calories a day. Thinking of losing weight over long term should be linked with amount of daily calorie intake.

Reading about Weight Loss

Reading about weight loss is helpful in staying motivated. Being motivated is helpful in sticking to weight loss friendly eating and exercising.

Exercising Everyday

Exercising everyday even for small amount of time is helpful in losing weight. Gradual increase in amount of exercise is good. Consuming certain foods regularly can also help lose weight significantly.

Cinnamon Tea

Blood sugar is linked with weight as it affects how energetic and how hungry a person is. Cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar levels. It’s a good idea to drink cinnamon tea regularly.                                           

Green Tea and Ginger

Green tea can help lose weight. Having ginger in green tea makes it better. It’s useful to drink green tea regularly.


Consuming Asian or Korean ginseng is a good idea. It helps stimulate metabolism and regulate blood sugar. It boosts energy, which we need for exercise. It affects both appetite and energy level.

Peppermint and Dandelion

Drinking dandelion and peppermint tea is helpful. Peppermint and dandelion help absorb nutrients and smoothen digestion. They can also help breakdown and absorb fats. Mixture of dandelion and peppermint can help protect liver.

Enough Sleep

Sleeping enough is important for harmonious functions of body. It has many health benefits including weight loss.

Black Pepper and Lemon Juice

Mixture of black pepper and lemon juice can help facilitate in weight loss battle. They help reduce levels of fat in the blood stream and boost absorption of nutrients.

Plain Yogurt and Honey

Plain yogurt and honey are good for breakfast or snack. Probiotics in yogurt helps optimize digestion and facilitate breakdown of  certain substances such as fat. Low-fat yogurt can help optimize weight loss.


Little changes in how we live or what and how much we eat can help lose weight easily every day.             

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