Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

Setting a realistic 1-week goal is very much important in the effort of losing body fat. This approach not only gives you the power to monitor your progress but also helps you losing 3-5 pounds a week in a constant rate. However, to achieve this constant rate of fat lose, you need to carefully calculate your body’s calorie recommendation, monitor daily progress. You also need to take some steps concerning physical exercise, water intake, sugar intake etc.


Some Basics

There is a link between your daily calorie intake and having a good health that is free of extra fat and weight. Recommended amount of calorie for a woman is 1,200 calories each day and for a man the amount is 1,800 calories a day. Your body’s metabolism rate depends on the amount of calorie you take each day. Any amount less than the recommended one will slow down metabolism, which is bad for your health. Another issue here is that the recommended nutrients on your diet should not hold any less than this recommended amount of calories.

On a weekly strategy, you need to create calorie deficiency accordingly that relates to your current calorie intake. Losing weight in a constant rate requires you to have calorie deficit in your daily life. You can do this after calculating your recommended calorie requirement and the weight (including fat-based) that you want to maintain. To lose 1 pound of fat-based weight you need to cut 3,500 calories within a week. This means that you will require cutting 500 calories each day in a week. Which means that you need to have a deficit of 1,500 calories each day if you want to lose 3 pounds of fat-based weight a week.


What Can You Do In 1 Week?

Diet Control

This is vital in losing body fat. An active man aging between 35 and 40 typically needs about 2,600 calories each day. Now to maintain his current weight, this person needs to eat only the recommended 1,800 calories a day. The rest (2,600-1,800) = 700 calories have to be burnt each day through exercise and other means. Therefore, if a person burns 500 calories more than he eats each day for a period of 1 week, he should lose about 3 pounds.

You should also avoid diet pills and other diet products available in the market. These fat and weight loss products are not good enough for long-term use and often they pose danger to your health. High blood pressure and rapid heartbeat are some of the symptoms that have been reported due to the use of these diet control products.

Physical Exercise

When you are in the process of burning fat, you lose your lean muscles. And if you do not get involved in exercises then the percentage of weight lose through lean muscle is almost 25% of the total weight loss. This is not desired as the main focus of weight loss should be from fat source. Therefore, it is recommended that you do exercises a lot during fat loss period. Cardio and strength training are recommended exercises in this case. Through these workouts, you can work on all the large muscles of your body. These include the back, abdomen, arms, shoulders, legs, hips and chest.

Water Intake

Water can reduce your fat-based weight in a great extent. When you drink plenty of water, it then curbs your hunger and thirst. Moreover, the feeling of fullness after drinking water will prevent you from eating more foods and sugary drinks. Besides, water removes toxins from the body, keeps your liver and kidney clean and healthy. Water helps your digestion system immensely as it keeps the digestive organs fresh and active during dehydration. Therefore, whenever you get dehydrated in your day-to-day life you should drink plenty of water. This will become an effective means for you in losing fat-based weight and maintain a healthy body. Build a habit of taking at least 8-10 glasses of water each day (around 70 glasses of water each week).

Sugar Intake

Your sugar intake directly affects the fat stores inside your body. When you eat sugary foods and beverages, the extra sugars store in your body as fat and in the process you gain weight. It is not easy to get rid of sugar. Sometimes it’s tough avoiding sugar from your diet, especially, if you are fond of sugary foods and drinks. But you must have to cut your sugar intake. Otherwise, not only weight but also your glucose level in blood will increase creating many health risks and problems. With your weekly mission to reduce belly fat you can avoid sugary foods as much as possible.

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