Healthy Night Snacks for Weight Loss

Empty stomach will not help you to have sound sleep. You will eventually get up at the middle of night and start eating something. This night eating/snacking may put your health at higher risk for obesity and over eating problems. To avoid gaining extra weight from this situation, a careful selection of night snacks is necessary. Luckily, there are healthy snacks that can help you in this kind of situation. These healthy snacks are low in calories but at the same time high in volume. The advantage of these healthy snacks is that they will leave you feeling full but they will not allow you to cross the everyday calorie requirement.

There are different categories of healthy snacks that you can choose at night. Vegetables, fruits, protein foods, grains are good examples of healthy snacks. These foods are rich in calories but they will not increase your weight. Below are some of the healthy snacks that you can eat at night.


Whole Grain Cereals

Whole grain cereals are good options for nighttime snacks. Therefore, you can keep them for your nighttime and not for breakfast only. The complex carbohydrates in whole grain cereal will help you keep your belly satiated up to morning hours.


The warmth that is found in oatmeal is comforting and soothing especially before bedtime. Sometimes sugar and butter are added for sweetening and fattening the oats. But it is better to add naturally-sweetened berries or cinnamon instead.


Bagels, especially the mini bagels can be considered as nighttime snacks. Moreover, whole grain bagels can also be chosen as it provides the body with essential fiber, B vitamins.


Instead of taking too much carbohydrate-based food, you can opt for simple toast. To introduce some flavor on toast, you can use jam, peanut butter. This will meet your hunger and appetite as well as keep your carbohydrate intake level at a reduced state. At the same time, you’ll enjoy the taste.

Greek Yogurt

A small cup of Greek yogurt as night snack will reduce your appetite and restrict you from eating more at that time. Moreover, lots of protein at night is not a good option for your stomach. But avoid those kind of yogurts that are loaded with added sugars.


Popcorn can be a very healthy night snack. But keep in mind that you should not load the kernels with butter, oil, and salt. To enhance flavor and at the same time not increasing calories, you can sprinkle popcorn with sweet seasonings or savory (taco packet or cinnamon).

Chopped Veggies

You can consider taking fresh vegetable snacks at night. The nutrients of fresh vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, and bell peppers are excellent for your health. You can dip in hummus to get added flavor.

Rice Cakes

This is considered a healthy night snack. It offers light crunch but without added oils. Also loads of fat, carbohydrates are avoided here. You can flavor rice cakes using fruit. Alternatively, you can use favorite nut butter. You can sprinkle small spoonful of pecans, slivered almonds, or sunflower seeds for added crunch.


If you do not like a sweet tooth at night, you can do a trick. You can select a cup of unsweetened applesauce. Insoluble fiber is abundant in the skin of an apple. This kind of snacks promotes good digestive health.

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