Healthy Midnight Snacks for Weight Loss

It is said that overcoming midnight hunger is the most difficult one. Even if you’ve eaten healthy foods the entire day still you may feel like you need to eat something to fulfill yourself at night. But you’ve to select the healthy snacks for mid-night.

The tendency of eating unhealthy junk mid-night snacks will cause different health problems for you. And make no mistake that your waistline will definitely increase due to this kind of habit. Basically, this is stress eating that harms you. But fortunately there is a way around stress-eating. You can term this healthy stress-eating. There are mid-night snacks that will not cause you to compromise your diet.

Midnight snacks should not include too much calories and fat. Therefore, you need to customize your midnight snack. You can do this by including more foods that are fiber-dense. These foods tend to be more filling. These foods add little amount of fat or carbohydrates just to improve food taste. In any case, you also need to control the amount of food intake.

Below list of mid-night snacks will help you maintain weight at a reduced level:


Frozen Blueberries

A cup of frozen blueberries or raspberries can be ideal mid-night diet snack. These fruits are full of anti oxidants, fibers, and vitamins. These will make you feel full. To enhance taste, you can top these fruits up with whipping cream. You can also add these fruits to your low fat milk smoothie.


All of us like bananas. But this is also a very good option for midnight snack. This fruit will boost the amount of vitamin B6 inside your body. As a result, your body metabolism will definitely increase a lot. This fruit is also abundant in fiber content and moreover, amino-acid tryptophan in banana will help you getting sleep.

Dark Chocolate

If you take dark chocolate as your midnight snacks, then it will trigger the release of Serotonin (known as happiness hormone) in your body. This hormone reduces stress and makes you relaxed. Ultimately, you become ready to go to bed. Antioxidants in dark chocolates are good for your heart and skin. Moreover, the fiber in this food will satisfy your hunger and keep your digestive system healthy. Remember, that you should opt for the organic varieties (healthier) of chocolate and not the artificial on.

Oatmeal and Whole Grain Cereals

Whole grain cereals along with low fat milk (or bowl of oatmeal) are regarded as the healthiest mid-night snacks. These foods are packed with fibers. These foods will fill you up within short time. As a result, you will be discouraged to take more and more foods. The complex carbohydrates in these foods are easier for you to digest. As mentioned, the milk will provide with proteins. Overall, these are good options to lose weight.

Unsalted Raw Almonds

This is a good example of healthy midnight snack. You can eat a handful of unsalted (or raw) almonds before you go to bed. Almonds are rich in dietary fiber. Besides, vitamins like riboflavin as well as minerals such as magnesium are also present in this food. These elements of food are known as cholesterol-reducing super-foods.

Dried Figs

You may be surprised to know that a fruit is in better form when it is dried. This is because dried fruits are nutrient-dense foods. Dried figs are regarded as high quality snacks especially on between meals. This fruit is rich in dietary fiber. This food will also help you better manage the weight. This food is also a great source of potassium. Potassium helps in controlling your blood pressure. Figs are very low in terms of calories.

Low Fat Milk

Dairy products such as milk have important roles in fighting cholesterol in your body. Milk contains proteins, good fat, and calcium. A cup of warm low fat milk can alleviate your hunger. Milk induces you a restful sleep. This great natural food also meets human body’s essential nutritional demands.

Hard Boiled Egg

Eggs are nutritious food. You can consider eating on egg at mid-night if you get hungry. A hard-boiled egg is full of good fat and proteins. An egg is also low in calories. But you need to eat the egg with the yolk. Yolk is the most nutrient-dense portion of the egg. Eggs are a good source of Vitamin D as well.

Plain Pop corn

This snack is considered a great way to stay in good shape. This food will also provide you with a sense of filling. You can sprinkle a tablespoon amount of parmesan cheese with this food. Two medium-sized cups of popcorn will not create trouble in your diet. Rather, they will meet your hunger without causing you eat extra amount of unnecessary foods. 

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt after your dinner is always great. This habit improves your digestion. It also prevents heartburn. Yogurt can make the food metabolizing process faster. Along with a handful of frozen berries, yogurt can make a great midnight snack. Yogurt contains protein and it is low in sugar as well. Yogurt will fill you up. This food will not increase your calorie intake unnecessarily.

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