Habits that Keep Weight Off

Many find it difficult to be very strict on diet and to do heavy exercise at gym regularly. Luckily losing weight isn’t only about diet and heavy exercise at gym. Changes in habits or lifestyle can also help sustain weight loss in healthy manner. In the absence of right lifestyle, dependence on just diet and exercise for weight may be unsustainable in the end. Below are some habits that can keep weight off.


Paying Attention to Portions

Many of us eat much more than we are supposed to. One should check nutrition information before having a meal. It’s important to explore information sufficiently to find out how much of what food constitutes correct serving size or portion for a person.


Eating Food Slowly

Eating food slowly is considered to be good tactic to cut back on calories. Taking time while eating food allows body to register feeling of fullness. It can take up to 20 minutes to generate that feeling. Eating slowly can also help food taste better as indicated by study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America in October 2015.


Drinking a Lot of Water

Sometimes, thirst can be linked to hunger. Hydration can drive away such hunger along with the need to consume snack.


Taking Time to Prepare Own Meal

Preparing meal not just saves money but also allows us to choose right type or amount of food. It helps us know the amount of nutrients or calories we are going to consume. Prepared food can be  readily available in the refrigerator at home at workplace. Even when we are busy, we can eat food without having to spend time to go outside or depriving ourselves from having food for long time. One is likely to overeat if he or she doesn’t have food for long time, which is not good for weight maintenance.


Avoiding Doing Other Things While Eating

Doing other things while eating causes distraction. Out of distraction, one can eat more than necessary accidentally during the time of eating. This distraction may also compel to one to eat more than necessary later on the day, as pointed out by a systematic review of 24 studies in the February 2013 edition of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


Prioritizing Breakfast

Having breakfast rich in lean protein and fiber can keep one satisfied and help make better choices for food for the rest of the day.


Being Smart in Snacking

Snacking is helpful in losing weight. It can also be counterproductive if we unknowingly eat more than necessary. To avoid this, it is useful to pre-portion snack according to their serving size. Snacking mindlessly throughout this is definitely not a good idea. It is useful to explore more tips on snacking smartly for weight loss.


Having Enough Sleep

Having enough sleep is favorable for weight loss. Adequate sleep helps regulate appetite hormones for well. Lack of enough sleep can leave those appetite hormones unbalanced with increased appetite. National sleep foundation recommends that adults aim to sleep for seven to nine hours at night.


Sticking to Healthy Eating at Weekend

It’s important to stick to eating right not just on week days but also at weekends. Occasional indulgence may be OK rather than indulgence at weekends. When added up, weekends come out to 8 days a month, which is too long to be indulgence for.


Using Smaller Plates

Using large plate can play trick on one’s mind. It can make one think that he or she ate only little amount of food, stoking hunger. Using smaller plate can fix this problem.


Right habit or lifestyle is not difficult to develop. Once right habits are developed, it is pretty easy to stick to them for very long time. Alongside proper diet and exercise, good habits can play supplementary role in weight loss sustainably. 

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