Drinks to Lose Weight Fast

Drinks that make you feel refreshed as well as help you lose unwanted weight from your body are hugely beneficial for your mental peace and healthy living. Everyone is concerned about how does he look like. They even become obsessed with this. They search for solutions. Solutions and systems that help control body weight and keep a person fit and strong can be of many types. In general, a good weight-loss drink does two major things: 1) keeps the body hydrated, and 2) helps to replace high-calorie/sugary drinks. As a result, apart from staying hydrated it also helps reduce your feelings of appetite. Your body dehydrates when you crave for food or snack. So you can understand that a non-sweet, low-calorie drinks can help cure a person’s craving for more foods.

Now from health and energy point of view you need to prepare fast weight loss strategy. Within this strategy, your selection of diet especially drinks is an important factor. Below drinks can be considered within this concept of fast weight loss.


Green Tea, Peppermint Tea and Arabian Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants in large amount. This is why green tea is considered one of the best diet and fitness drinks. The anti-oxidant Catechin that is found in Green Tea fights and prevents cell damages. This tea also improves your body’s blood flow. It also reduces blood cholesterol level and in this way play a role in preventing different heart-related issues.

Another form of tea is the peppermint tea. This tea tastes like mint. As a thirst quencher, you will find this tea to be very much refreshing. But most importantly this kind of tea has been found to be seriously effective in reducing belly fat. This tea can help your stomach when it is time to process fat. Even if you eat, high-fat foods like burgers or steaks then this tea make the digestion process quicker. This tea prevents the body from bloating. The ultimate result is that this tea helps reduce body fat in long-term use.

The Arabian Tea is another very old and traditional tea with good weight loss value. This tea can greatly reduce your fat by stimulating the body metabolism. The main ingredients in this kind of tea include green tea leaves, cumin, chopped fresh mint, and chopped fresh ginger.


Flavored Water and Ice Water

Water is regarded as the best and easiest form of fat burner. To burn fat efficiently, you have to keep your body hydrated. A hydrated body can burn the fat very quickly. It is important therefore to realize that hydration is necessary and essential to many body processes. Flavored water will serve you these purposes.

Water can also help you in a number of other ways. For example, if you feel hungry and crave for snacks then you may take a glass full of water. You will not fill thirsty or hungry for next 30 minutes. If you take water before your meal then you will feel full and faster. This in turn will restrict you from eating more foods and more calories. Moreover, if you take cold water often your body will spend extra calories to heat it up. These extra calories will be taken out from your body’s fat cells. This is why ice water or cold water helps to reduce belly fat. 


Vegetable Juice

Just like water, vegetable juice can help a lot in reducing your fat store. Habit of taking vegetable juice just before every meal will not only fulfill your vegetable requirements but also restrict your hunger and crave for more foods. It has been observed that taking vegetable juice just before dinner dramatically reduce total amount of calorie consumption.



Everyone knows that milk is a nutritious drink. Especially the calcium that is present in milk is very healthy for your bones and brain functioning. Most importantly, as milk falls under the category of calcium rich foods therefore milk is linked to weight loss diet for a long term. 

Your body has a natural ability of burning fat and reducing weight. Calcium inside milk increases that ability. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted research in this regard and it has been found in that research that people consuming more calcium over the course of a period lost more weight compared to those that consumed less calcium in the same period.


Dark Chocolate Shake

If you want to decrease your appetite and lessen your food cravings with a delightful food then you can think of dark chocolate shake. If you consume 400 calories of this chocolate shake, then this can be equivalent of a full meal. For example, you can put 1/2 cup skim or soymilk along with 80-calorie vanilla yogurt. Mix 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips with it and 1-cup fresh raspberries. You can also put a handful of ice. Then blend for 1 minute. After blending is over, check out this excellent tasty chocolate shake with a spoon or in a glass.


Pineapple, Watermelon and Kiwi Smoothie

If you already like vegetable juice then you will fall in love with these smoothies. Smoothies made out of pineapples, watermelons or kiwis are excellent to taste. Especially if you want to avoid high-sugar artificial drinks, then these smoothies are for you. You can keep these smoothies along with your every meals that are based on your diet plan plus your exercise plan.

For example, you can mix 5 slices of pineapple with 1 kiwi using a blender. Do not add any sugar. You can add some milk to taste. You can replace your lunch with this drink. In the same way, watermelon is also regarded as a terrific, low-cal smoothie ingredient. Watermelons are highly nutritious. It also contains Arginine amino acid and another element Lycopene known for its ability to fight cancer. Arginine decreases body weight, reduce body fat and at the same time increase lean muscle mass. Arginine is regarded as a very good metabolism booster. Watermelon smoothie can therefore affectively contribute to your weight loss efforts.

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