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Is it possible to lose weight in a geometric rate? If it was possible, then nobody would care about their overweight or bloated stomach.

From different scientific studies it is proved that losing weight fast is not possible at all. Although there are many website and writing about this topic. Regardless of the study and result, if the weight seems like a burden for individual. Then is there any other way besides looking for the faster relief?

I have seen so many people looking for faster relief and failed in the long run. I don’t want you to run away from your goal like them.

If today you set a goal to lose 4 pounds a week, then it would be quite impossible task to do. Rather I suggest you set that goal for one month. Then within 12 months you will be able to lose 48 pounds of weight. Isn’t it a good amount of weight to lose?

Being realistic is more fruitful in weight losing process. You may dream to achieve your desired body weight within 6 months. But think twice whether it is realistic or not. Is it achievable to lose that amount of weight within 6 months considering your weight, age, sex, food habit, calorie cut and workout? Your dream must be parallel to the reality.

Making a overall health program and of course balanced program can take you to your desire destination. Often it is seen that achieving anything within short period of time brings nothing. You have to keep in our mind that you are a human being not a metallic machine. The journey of weight losing goes through a change and you know change is little time consuming. When your body is going through a change, it needs time to adapt with the change. 

So wanting a fast weight losing process is not bad idea but It must be compatible with your physical condition. Making a well plan can be a faster way to achieve your goal. Will power, sticking ability and positive attitude are the fastest and long lasting factors for losing weight effectively.

Budgeting your calorie consume, scheduling workout plan, following proper lifestyle are well enough to get fast result in losing weight.      

Make a calorie budget today

If you are concerned about your weight or bloated stomach, then it’s high time to make a calorie budget. I insist on sitting today and doing some calculations. You don’t need to be a mathematician or health specialist to do this budget. Few ideas and knowledge about calories can make it possible.

Here is the game plan. You may already know that 3500 calories is equivalent to the one pound of fat. So, if you want to lose one pound a week then everyday you have to make a deficit of 500 calories. On the other hand you are losing 2200 calories each day without doing anything for the reason of BMR. Now, if you consume foods worth of 2000 calories. Then you can make a deficit of 200 calories. Simply by walking or doing some other workout for one hour per day, you can burn 300± calories in addition. As a result you can burn 500×7=3500 calories within a week.

Thereby in 1 week you are going to lose 1 pound of weight from the body. If your demand is 4 pounds within a month, then I do strongly belief that you can stick to your weight loss goal without seeking much complicated ways.

Confused about how to calculate the calorie budget?

I know you have learned a lot about calories and many other things. But not sure how to calculate your calorie budget?

You shouldn’t be confused about the tools or machine to calculate your calorie budget, while you are living in the era of science and technology. There are a number of calculators we have attached in this website where you may find about the calories burnt from different activities.

In addition to those we have created a calculator in this page to help you calculate your caloric need on every day.

Please fill up the required information to calculate the caloric need on each day.

Follow the diet tips and workout strategies to lose weight fast

In previous discussion of this website I have written about Flat stomach diet tips and different workout strategies.

In Flat stomach diet tips I have discussed elaborately about the healthy diet tips. You may learn from that section. And apply in your daily meal.

In the food section I have written about Low calorie food and best fat burning foods.These two type of food can accelerate the process of losing weight fast.

Besides those diet and foods, I have also made a topic named all about calorie. There you may learn about some of the important workouts and calories burnt from those activities.

Concentrate on eating less and burning more

If you want to achieve an optimum result in losing weight then you should have to concentrate on eating less and burning more. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to eat below the caloric need on daily basis. If you tend to do this, you may get weak and sick in course of time.

So first of all, you need to calculate the caloric need of each day by the help of our calculator given on right column of this site.

Then you have to have a clear idea why caloric requirement differs man to man. Usually it differs for the following reasons-

  • Activities
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Gender

After knowing about the above factors you may concentrate on eating less and burning more.

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