Burning Fat at Home

Burning fat is possible at home without having to go to gym or using expensive and complicated workout machines. We can burn fat at home by regulating what we eat and doing exercises of various types. Following are the ways that can help burn fat at home.

Tracking Calories

Consumption of more calories than the body needs or burns results in overweight and increases risks for developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc. It is a good idea to write down the foods that we eat and how many calories each of that food item contains. This can help calculate number of daily or weekly calorie intake and recognize food items that are too high in calorie. It is important not to exceed recommended calorie intake per day, which varies depending on gender, age and other factors. Keeping a food journal is a good idea. It helps keep away from higher calorie lifestyle. 

Increasing Water Intake

Water helps curb cravings and increases feeling of fullness when consumed before meal. It is also helpful for kidney function and digestion. Foods or fruits that are high in water content are linked with reduced waistline. According to doctor’s recommendation, for one pound of weight, a person should drink at least half ounce of water. For example, a person who weighs 140 pounds should drink 70 ounces of water. Those who are very active or live in hot climate should drink more.

Reducing Consumption of Salty Foods

Excess consumption of salt is linked with higher water retention and high blood pressure. It can also put stain on heart over time. Water retention caused by high salt consumption can leave a person feeling bloated, which can have negative effects on physical activities pre-planned for a day.

Increasing Vegetable Consumption

Vegetables contain fiber and nutrients, which favor weight loss. Fiber in vegetable helps feel full for longer. It helps us avoid consumption of excess food and calories. Fiber rich foods include vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Consuming Healthier Snacks

Chips or other snacks can be replaced for healthier options such as carrots, berries, hummus, celery etc.

Portion control and regular eating schedule

It is useful to do portion control in relation to serving size. Consistency in consuming right amount of  food can help maintain lost weight and improve health.


  • Starting a Routine

Once a person gets into doing something regularly, it becomes habit and easy to do. Taking some time for running, for example, in the morning or when convenient is a good exercise. Doing it regularly is important. Exercising while watching TV or doing something else can help manage time.

  • Lifting Free Weights

Lifting dumbbell at home is a good exercise as it works multiple muscle groups at a time. Fitness level of a person determines weight of dumbbells.

  • Weight Training with Free Weights

When a person weight trains, it is important to exercise good form. During weight training, a person should keep the body straight and fully extend the muscle he or she is training with dumbbell.

Curling free weights to work biceps is another form of good exercise. It involves raising dumbbells in both hands until they reach shoulder height.

  • Performing Free Weight Shoulder Press

It involves raising dumbbells over shoulders and above head with palms facing forward. Then dumbbells should be lowered back in starting position smoothly without jerking back as that could cause injury.

  • Exercising Lats with a Free Weight Lateral Raise

It involves holding dumbbells in front of hips with palms facing each other and then raising the dumbbells until arms are parallel with the floor. It is good to pause at the top of range of motion and then lowering the dumbbells to starting positions in a controlled manner. Elbows should be slightly angled throughout the exercise.

  • Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are portable and inexpensive. Resistance bands enable effective strength training workout to burn fat in a small space.

  • Doing around the House Cardio

Increasing heart rate with jumping jacks is a good exercise to get blood pumping.

  • Jump Rope

With jump rope, we can do high intensity activity in or around home.

  • Taking Stairs when Possible

Taking any physical challenges like taking stairs or climbing stairs in between other exercises is helpful in burning fat.  

Burning fat at home is not just possible but also convenient, affordable and effective.

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