Losing fat

Excess fat seems like a burden for human body. It is accumulated in course of time. But the realization comes when it’s too late.

You might have a question why fat builds in the body. This question is very simple and common among the people. But, the answer is little bit lengthy and complicated. There are quite a number of reasons behind this phenomenon. It takes longer period of time to build fat in body. Why fat builds in human body? I have discussed this issue on “Why fat builds” and “Why belly fat builds” pages.

Reading those sections you can learn about the reason. Now, you might have a question how to lose fat within short span of time. Against this question, I can’t suggest you a shortcut way out. So far I know there is no any shortcut or easy way to get rid of it.

In prehistoric time people couldn’t find enough source of food. So they used to consume as much as food when available. They built a mechanism inside their body what helped them to store foods for future. When there was scarcity of food, their stored fat kept them alive.

This mechanism and genetic characteristic has transformed to us in course of time. Still now our body tends to burn fat when we are starving for long time. That’s how we can lose fat.

But, it’s quite impossible for us to starve while we are living in the age of food diversity. Therefore we have to look for the other possible ways out.

Since you are looking for every possible ways to lose fat, then sometime it may seem contradictory with weight loss and fat loss process. Here I have written about that issue-

Fat loss Vs Weight loss

Losing fat can lead the way to lose body weight or body mass. But, there are some common misconceptions about fat loss or weight loss process. Losing fat is a very long term process. While you are on the way to lose fat, then you have to have some clear ideas about the body instincts.

For instance, you have to know about the

1. Metabolism process
2.Food habit and its effect
3.Sugar intake
5. Different type of workouts

Once you can achieve a lean body by following the above factors, then you may switch to different type activities to shape your body muscle.

Before losing fat if you started to do hard and tough workouts. It will definitely lead the way to lose body mass or muscle. Thus wrong approaches can endanger your body structure.

How to burn one pound of fat

Burning just one pound of fat from the body is not a tough job to accomplish. It all depends on your wish and perseverance.

Suppose if you start doing activities to burn one pound of fat from today and tomorrow you want to see some progress. Then it would be quite wrong approach. Rather you have to stick on the process and think at wider perspective.

From the previous discussion you may already know that losing one pound is all about losing 3500 calories. Here is the catch for you.

No matter what you are doing or not at the end of the day 2200± calories will be burn from body. As the Basal metabolic rate helps you to burn that calories. Suppose you are consuming food worth of 2000 calories on each day.

It necessarily means that you are making a deficit of 200 calories throughout the day. If you can continue this way for 18 days, you would be able to make a total deficit of 200×18=3600 calories. This will certainly help you to lose one pound of fat from the body. It is very simple and easy math to burn one pound of fat within more than two weeks.

This is a very simple way and calculation to shed some extra fats from the body without doing any kind of physical exercises. But, sometimes this hypothetical way doesn’t work properly according to the mathematics. Some genetic factors and heredities will lead the way to gain fat after doing all these things. It’s a common phenomenon among many fat people around the world.

To get rid of this problem you can find some comfortable workout plans on daily basis to burn some more extra fats from the body. For instance if your weight is more than 154lbs and can perform walking at a 3mph speed for only 30 minutes, then you would be able to burn around 112 calories from the body. In one hour you would burn more than 200 additional calories on that day when you consumed the foods worth of 2000 calories. A deficit of 400 calories on each day will result in 1 pound of fat deduction within 8-9 days. This is very reasonable to make happen while you are on the way to lose fat.

I know you are considering this time too long, as you are determined and ambitious in losing fat. So you can accelerate the process by doing different type of workouts on daily basis. But make sure that you are not doing anything for spot toning or anything like that.

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