What Veggies Kill Belly Fat?

Vegetables can help lose belly fat directly or indirectly. Vegetables can help keep belly fat low in number of ways. Some vegetables can directly contribute to shedding fat belly fat or overall body fat. Reduction in overall body fat can also result in reduction in belly fat to some extent. Following are veggies that can contribute to losing belly fat.


Chilies have a chemical that can suppress appetite and enhance body’s ability to burn fat, as found out in a recent Canadian study.

Green Pepper

Green pepper and capsicum can help enhance metabolism, which can result in increase in belly fat burning.       

Onions and Leeks

Onions are low in calorie content and great to add flavor to food. Onions and leeks are considered to be prebiotics. Probiotics enhance growth of good bacteria. Prebiotics help feed good bacteria. Onions and leeks generate butyrate, which is a wonder drug for metabolism. It can help improve insulin sensitivity and enhance fat-burning.


Cucumber can help curb hunger. When it’s snack time, a few slices of cucumber and a glass of water can help feel satiated with very low calorie intake. Fluid gained from the cucumber and water can also help expel toxins.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale and book choy are good food. It gets trillions of good bacteria to work at their best. It’s a good idea to have leafy greens in every meal. Leafy greens provide fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.


Pumpkin is loaded with vitamin C. Vitamin C enhances energy level which hampers lack of activity. Lack of activity is linked with weight gain.


Tomatoes have calcium and vitamin C. When vitamin C and calcium are in combination, they can be great in fighting fat around the middle.


Beans are great for weight loss. Beans have ideal ratio of protein and fiber. They help ensure satiety with very low calorie intake. Consumption of at least one and half cups of beans a day can favor loss of weight.


Carrots are great for snack. Carrots are rich fiber and beta-carotene. Consumption of carrots can make body thankful.


Like cucumber, celery contains mainly water and very small amount of calorie. Combination of water and small amount of calorie makes celery ideal for those who are trying to lose weight.


Dark green vegetables such as broccoli may help lose belly fat, as found in a study printed in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The same study also found out those dark green vegetables may also lower risks for type 2 diabetes.


Abdominal obesity may be correlated with low levels of vitamin D. Mushrooms that are grown under UV light can be great for belly-fat fighting.

Artichokes and Asparagus

Artichokes and asparagus are also prebiotics like onions and leeks. They generate acetate, an acid that helps recover from inflammation and aide fat-burning activity.

Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables are not mainstream yet. Sea vegetables contain omega-3 fatty acids. Sea vegetables can help suppress inflammation and may contribute to flatter belly.


Jicama is a Mexican vegetable. It contains a type of fiber known as inulin. Inulin hampers absorption of blood sugar and helps feel fuller longer. Jicama is also rich in manganese and magnesium, which are in need for digestive enzymes to function efficiently.


Vegetables are low in calorie content. They can significantly reduce calorie consumption and amount of excess calories that get stored in body as fat. They can prevent weight gain or belly fat gain. Vegetables are usually in high fiber. Our body cannot digest fiber and fiber cannot cause increase in calorie consumption. Fiber helps us feel full for longer. It helps avoid overconsumption of food and weight gain. Vegetables can not only help lose belly fat or prevent belly fat gain, but also keep us away from diseases associated with belly fat.

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