Snacks to Burn Belly Fat

In today’s fast paced world, eating a snack or two between meals is common and popular as well. If you’re used to having snacks on daily basis then you need to check the foods that you are taking as snacks. Because wrong selection of snacks food can cause your belly fat grow and make you over weight, while you remain unaware of the real cause of it.

Basically, when your belly fat grows, it involves the gain in visceral fat. The visceral fat accumulates inside the wall of your abdomen. The main task of visceral fat is to surround the internal organs of your body and protect them. This fat is active metabolically as it secretes chemical compounds. Often it causes inflammation and you fall under the risk of getting obesity disease. 

Besides regular exercise and a diet plan to reduce your belly fat, you must have to be careful in selecting your foods for snacks. In this regard below descriptions of some e of the belly fat controlling snacks can help you a lot.


Snacks with Fruits and Vegetables

In 2015, a study was published in PLos One. The study said that those people who take natural fruits and vegetables more often as snacks tend to have smaller waist sizes and reduced belly fat or no fat at all. The same study also said that those people on the other hand takes hand-made prepared food most of the time will risk themselves of having extra belly fat and bigger waist size.  Remember that fruits and vegetables are low in calories.  A large carrot consists of 30 calories only. Similarly, a medium sized apple or a banana has around 100 calories.


  1. You can try by dipping carrot sticks and then use them with homemade black bean, or with sun-dried tomato hummus.
  2. You can also snack on salad (a small leafy) that can be topped with balsamic vinaigrette (a small amount and homemade).
  3. And a very solution is to take a piece of fruit while on-the-go.


Snacks with Nuts and Seeds

The Journal of the American Heart Association published a research study in 2015. The study said that almonds can help lose belly fat and weight in your body’s midsection. The researchers had to split 48 study subjects into two separate groups. One group had snacked on 1.5 ounces of almonds each day. The other group snacked on a muffin (containing almost same quantity of calories). When the 2-week study ended, researchers saw that the group of people who took almond instead of muffin lost more fat. Moreover this almond group had also achieved positive changes in cholesterol level.


  1. You can snack with almond. This will also boost the nutrient intake. These foods are high in unsaturated fats. These fats benefit human heart. These fats also contain minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus.
  2. Regularly measure your food taking and weight.
  3. You also have the option of selecting other nuts. These include pecans that contain 290 calories per 42.5 grams.


Snacks with Green Tea

This healthy version of tea is calorie-free. Therefore it is regarded as a belly fat reducing and weight-loss diet. There is a chemical compound in this tea called phytochemicals. This helps shed belly fat. In 2009 the Journal of Nutrition published a study. In that study we see that researchers of that study used to split over 100 overweight (and obese) adults into two study groups. One study group used a beverage that contained caffeine and catechins. The other study group used another beverage that was catechin-free and caffeine-free. Both beverages had the same amount in calories. The study went on for 12 weeks. The result is that the group with caffeine and catechins shredded belly fat more than the catechin-free and caffeine-free group. Amazingly enough they even lost the visible midsection belly fat.


  1. To get a snack that is more filling and that contains more nutritional value, you can make a smoothie with green tea. You can consider blend green tea and use it with frozen raspberries (a cup), mint (a few springs), and ice. This kind of smoothie contains 70 calories of energy.
  2. Alternatively you can select nonfat milk, blend it and use with frozen raspberries (frozen). You can also use spoonful of matcha. You can crush leaves of green tea and make powder of it and then use this powder as well. This kind of smoothie contains 150 calories of energy.


In 2011 The New England Journal of Medicine published a study. The study clearly showed that potato chips are mostly responsible for belly fat and weight gain. Similarly, pepperoni snacks, sausages are also responsible for belly fat growth and weight gain. To meet your immediate hunger need you can build a habit of keeping nuts and fruits along with you while in work place.

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