Losing Belly Fat after 30

As people age, it gets harder to build muscle and maintain or lose weight. There are ways that can help lose weight or belly fat after 30.

Eating Plenty of Protein

With age, our metabolism slows down. Muscle and exercise can enhance metabolism. Consuming plenty of nutrition particularly protein is very helpful. It is good to have 20-30 grams of protein per meal.

Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can increase cravings for more sweet and cause excess calorie consumption, as pointed out by Harvard School of Public Health.

Eating Frequently

Our metabolism slows down as we age. When we eat food, it enhances metabolism, as the body has to digest and absorb food. Eating food every few hours rather than having one or two big meals is good for metabolism.                                           

Lifting Weights

Physically inactive people lose about three to five percent of muscle mass per decade, as indicated by study. Losing muscle is one of the health issues that people face as they age. Weight lifting helps prevent muscle loss. Those who lift heavy weight lose fat and can retain muscle.   

Being Regular in Weight Lifting

In order to see result, it is important to be regular and consistent in weight lifting. We should aim for at least two days a week for weight lifting. Weight lifting can help burn calories even after lifting session.

Cardiovascular Training

It is good to do cardiovascular training in addition to strength training. We should spend at least 150 minutes per week. According to physical activity guidelines of America recommended time is 220 minutes per week.

Reducing Alcohol Consumption

There are people who drink a lot. Stress may be one the reasons that get people to drink excessively. Drinking can affect waistline. Those who do not drink should not try. Those who drink should cut consumption in half. It is even better to drink only at weekend.                   

Drinking Plenty of Water

Reducing alcohol consumption and drinking more water can favor weight loss significantly. Drinking sixteen ounces of water before meal can help lose weight, as pointed out in study published in the ‘Obesity’ journal. Drinking water before meal increases feeling of fullness. It helps curb cravings and eat less.                      

Using Fitness Technology

Many find it difficult to manage time to go to gym. Wearable fitness technology can help workout during the day without having to go to gym. Over a year, it can help lose three to five pounds. It is however is not a replacement for more focused workouts.

Eliminating Entire Food Groups

It is not a good idea to eliminate entire food group. Eliminating entire food group can cause nutrition deficiency and make it harder to lose or maintain weight in the long term. Having a well-balanced diet and portion control with consistency are in favor of long-term success for weight loss.

Having Breakfast Everyday

Skipping breakfast is not a good idea. It can be a barrier in achieving weight loss. People who make breakfast the  biggest meal of the day lose twice as much weight as those who eat more at dinner, as found in study at Tel Aviv University.

Consistency in Calorie Intake

Reducing calorie intake too much to get quicker result is not a good idea. It is not sustainable and cause weight regain in the end. It is good to   maintain a healthy amount of calorie intake.                                  

Increasing Calcium Consumption

Apart from protein, nutrition can also contribute to muscle growth and weight loss. Increased consumption of calories can also favor greater weight loss, as pointed out in study published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Interval Training

High-intensity interval training helps burn fat and improve overall fitness more rapidly than moderately intense physical activity does, as pointed out in study published in Journal of Applied Physiology.                                             

Consuming Fat Reasonably

We should not avoid fat completely. Consuming healthy fat in moderation is in favor of weight loss. Healthy fats are found in avocados, nuts, salmon, olive oil etc.

Deficiency Check

Despite doing everything right seemingly, it may sometimes not yield expected outcome. Nutrition deficiency can be a barrier in losing weight. It is good to check for nutrition deficiency. Consulting a dietitian or medical professional is important. Making sure that there is no deficiency for any of the nutrients that are needed to maintain healthy weight.                         


As people age, stress increases due to many reasons. Stress has adverse on weight and health. Meditation can help beat stress leading to positive effects on health and weight.

Hiring a Trainer

It’s a good idea hire a personal trainer if affordable. A trainer can personalize program to a person’s body and weight goal. A trainer can help achieve better result faster.


It is quite possible to lose belly fat after 30. Losing fat also prevents certain diseases from developing. Before beginning any exercise or diet, it is good to have fitness checked. It can help determine realistic weight loss goal in relation to body type, gender and other relevant factors. Once a person has begun a new exercise or diet, it is good to have regular checkups, which allows a doctor or a dietitian to monitor progress or deal with any unexpected outcome. Personalized exercise and diet by nutritionist can help lose belly fat faster.

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