Avoid Stress to Lose Belly Fat

Having problems at your work place or at your home can make you stressed sometimes. And if the situation stays for a prolonged period of time then at one point you may notice that there is a bulge around the mid-section of your belly. This actually indicates that you’ve grown belly fat. And the reason is none other than the stress that we just mentioned at the beginning. This stressing condition at later point will also boost your hunger and cause you to eat more foods. This will cause you grow your bell fat more.


Stress and Stress Hormone

The fact here is that when you are in pressure, your body reaches to certain stress level. Therefore, your body signals you to eat more and more. Your body perceives that you need more calories in order to deal with your body stress. This is not true. In this way the stressing condition, falsely push you to eat more and grow your belly fat.

A hormone is related to your body’s stressful condition. This stress hormone is known as Cortisol. This hormone’s level is increased during the tension-filled times. This can potentially turn your occasional overeating into a habit. It also causes higher insulin levels. Moreover, your blood sugar drops, you crave for sugar and fatty foods. At those moments, you go for cookies, cheese and such comfort foods instead of healthy salad or banana. But fatty foods and foods that are rich in sugar are the culprits here in growing your belly fat.


In short, more stress triggers more Cortisol. This in turn causes you to have higher appetite for junk food. The ultimate result is more belly fat.

Effects of Stress on Belly Fat and Body

When you suffer from chronic stressful condition due to life crisis and your work-life demands, you become significantly prone to getting thick layer of visceral fat deep inside your belly. The existing blood vessels and receptors of Cortisol inside your belly make the process more and more efficient. This excess belly fat due to stress is very hard to get rid of. Moreover, these fats are responsible for many other diseases like diabetes and heart disease. The chemicals that are released from these fats are also responsible for inflammation and slow body metabolism. Slow body metabolism will directly affect your belly fat growth.

There are many negative composition changes that occur inside your body when you are in prolonged stress. Many inter-related physiological events occur during this time. Higher concentration of Cortisol hormone in the body ultimately leads to breakdown of muscle tissues. The overall amount of fat deposits is also increased in your body.

There are psychological events as well. Stressful condition makes you emotionally sensitive. Stress will certainly deviate you from routine works and make you undisciplined. Negative thought processes will grow in your mind. Heart attacks, hypertension and depression can grab you at any moment.


Avoiding Stress

At this point, you are definitely thinking of how to get rid of this vicious thing called stress. At first, you’ve to aim for decreasing your stress level step by step as much as possible. When you’ll become successful ultimately, that will have a profound effect in your life’s every aspects.

So let’s see what steps you can take in dealing stressful condition:

Stress Avoiding Tips:

  1. You’ve to build a strong habit of doing physical exercise. But remember that don’t overdo it. Because high-intensity workouts will cause your body’s Cortisol level to increase. Brisk walking can be useful in this regard.
  2. Practicing yoga (a mindful and breathing exercise) or, tai chi, or even doing meditation can bring peace in your mind. To avoid attraction towards so-called unhealthy comfort foods and to clear your mind you can do these.
  3. Talk to your family members and friends. Take help and support from them if possible. Sharing your problems with another person will free your mind from tense situations.
  4. Reading a pleasant book, listening to cool music, having prayer and getting sufficient amount of sound sleep will help you a lot.

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