Does Steam Bath Help to Lose Weight and Fat?

Steam bath is a temporary solution to lose weight. But it has no effect in losing your fat. According to Wikipedia, a steam bath is a steam-filled room for the purpose of relaxation and cleansing. It has a long history, going back to Greek and Roman times.

It is a struggle to lose weight for most of the people. A lot of people always try to find shortcut ways to slim down faster and easier. Use of steam room to lose weight is such a way. This is not a permanent solution, rather a temporary one.

Steam rooms are normally heated between 44 and 46 degrees Celsius in temperature. In this high temperature you will lose water from your body by sweating. In this way, you are actually losing water weight. But you are not losing any fat from your body. After having a steam bath and later on that day you’ll probably drink water again. This will cause gain back any weight that was lost in steam bath. On the contrary, exercising is the thing that will help you burn calories and shed fat from the body. This steam bath is actually losing the water weight from the body.


Steam Bath Process

The process of losing weight using steam bath has some typical steps to follow. But again, the weight loss you'll experience is a temporary thing. When you sweat inside the steam room, your body weight will decrease. You will lose the water weight but here you're not burning your body fat or calories. After rehydration later in the day, your weight will increase again. From start to end the steam bath process has below steps to follow:

  1. At first you’ve to weigh yourself on a scale before entering the steam room. For example, if you have to make weight at 70 kilograms, and currently weigh 75 kilograms. In this way, you'll have to lose 5 kilograms in the steam room.
  2. Then you’ve to sit in the steam room and at some point you’ll begin sweating. Soon there will be sweat on your face and other locations, such as the underarms. The steam will create moisture in the entire body. At this point you’ll have to stay in the steam room for 20 or 30 minutes on average. The more you stay the more water weight you’ll lose.
  3. After that time period, you can exit the steam room and use a scale to check your weight. If you see from the reading of the scale that you've to lose more weight, then you can return to the steam room again. After you achieve the desired weight change you have to abstain from drinking water or liquid until you've made more weight.

Weight/Fat Loss Benefits of Steam Bath

There are benefits of steam bath that are related to weight lose and fat. Regular steam baths can actually benefit weight loss through detoxification and other means. 

1. Eliminating Toxins:

Regarded as great detoxifiers, steam baths can help to eliminate toxins from the body. This kind of bath opens up your body’s pores and enhances the process to eliminate toxins through the body skin. Three times steam bath each weak can optimize the natural detoxifying system of the body. This actually benefits weight loss.

2. Enhancing Blood Arteries:

This kind of bath creates feeling of relaxation. The relaxation loosens up the muscles and arteries. Therefore the circulatory system is positively affected. This is because the blood flow is greatly improved. The nervous system is calmed as well. This in turn reduces the stress. This will keep you active in the long run. A good blood circulation invigorates your body. Steam baths in regular basis can improve body metabolism. In fact, it drives the body to burn fat.

3. Reducing Effects of Lifestyle Diseases:

In many cases, heart diseases (hardened arteries, blocked arteries) and diabetes due to unhealthy eating can lead you to indirect weight gain. But habit of regular steam bath can stabilize your body in many ways. There is a de-stressing nature of steam bath. This improves blood circulation, removes cholesterol and other toxins from the body. Even, it has some positive effects on diabetics as well. You can control hypertension and other lifestyle diseases in this way.

4. Controlling Appetite:

Appetite has influence on weight gain. Steam bath has some effects on your appetite. Just immediately after a steam bath, you will notice that your appetite has been lowered. Moreover, having large quantities of water to replenish lost fluids will fill your stomach. You can then eat small portions of food at regular intervals. This will keep your blood sugar steady and the body metabolism will increase. All of these combined can help you lose weight.



There are adverse side effects of steam baths when it is not performed with precaution. Sometimes the extreme heat of the steam room can cause serious dehydration. And this can affect both pulse and blood pressure. This kind of condition is especially dangerous for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, high or low blood pressure and epilepsy. Besides, people who are undergoing antibiotic medications or using mind-altering drugs, using alcohol can also be adversely affected. In any adverse conditions, you need to stay hydrated inside the steam room. You should leave the steam room immediately if you feel dizzy or lightheaded. These are important for you to remember if you plan to do steam baths on regular basis with a target to control your weight and fat.

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