Calculate fat burning heart rate

Before going to the discussion of fat burning heart rate, I need to write about few things. Do you have any idea about heart rate and its diverse effects on body?

 If you knew previously then it’s good. But if you didn’t, then here is a brief discussion on heart rate and its importance given below.

Heart rate means the number of heart beats occurred per minute. Usually it is termed as beats per minute (bpm).

 Fat burning zone is closely related with the heart rates. Heart rate varies as a result of absorption and excretion of oxygen-carbon dioxide. It significantly varies at different state of physical condition. For instance during the time of different exercises or sleeping it changes radically.

Heart rate is being measured for different purposes. In medical diagnosis this is a very initial test to determine the condition of body.

Besides, by achieving optimum heart rate individual can contribute in the process of weight loss or fat loss. To calculate the expected or target heart rate at the time of exercising, initially you need to measure the heart rate of resting mood.

What is resting heart rate?

Resting heart rate needs to be measured for knowing the initial state of the body before starting any sort of activities.

Among the adult persons the typical resting heart rate stands between the 60-80 bpm. But if the rate stands below the 60 bpm then it is termed as bradycardia and above the 100 bpm is termed as tachycardia.

What is the expected or target heart rate?

Expected or target heart rate signifies the number of heart rate which needs to be attained during the time of activities.

It enables individual to get the optimum result from different kind of activities. Theoretically the target range varies regarding the gender, age, weight and the type of physical workout.

There are different methods available now a day to determine the expected heart rate. Among those ‘KarvenonMethod’ is very popular.

You may also figure out your optimum heart rate using given chart on “Fat burning zone chart” page.

How to calculate heart rate

For general people it may be difficult to fix or calculate the right heart rate. You have to take assistance from a trained physician to calculate the heart rate.

Here I am going to give you a short cut method to calculate heart rate.

To determine the heart rate subtract your age from 220. For example, if you are 25 years old then your potential heart rate will be 220-25=195. It necessarily means that your heart can beat maximum 195 times in one minutes.

So I hope that it is no longer a complex process for you. You can now easily fix your own hart rate. It will help to choose the right kind of workout that take your heart rate to your desired level.

Some normal activity like swimming, running, dancing, yard, cycling etc are appropriate for increasing desired heart rate.

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