13 tips for choosing weight loss meal

There are so many things you can try while you are on the way to lose weight. Sometime, people seem to misunderstand that only regular exercises can pave the way to gain weight loss goal. But in reality no matter what kind of exercise you are performing, if you are used to consume a good amount of calories on daily basis, then it will definitely drive you on the way to gain more weight around the body.

Dieting must have a significant role on body weight. If you can adopt a proper dieting plan and perform some kind of exercises simultaneously, then you shouldn’t hesitate about your body weight. After certain period of time, following this way you will be able to gain the desired weight loss goal.

While looking for an appropriate diet plan to follow makes sure that you are capable of adhering to that, otherwise it will result in failure.

I don’t want my readers to be failure in weight loss goal. So, hereby I am going to write down some things to follow for making sure that you are on the right way to weight loss goal.

1. Never skip your breakfast and try to keep high protein in breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. After long hours of fasting over the night, breakfast works as a trigger to resume the paused metabolism process. It’s like a power button in the remote control. Health professionals usually recommend that breakfast rich in protein can help individual to consume less calorie throughout the day. But, make sure that you are consuming lean protein, which is free from saturated fat.

2. Eat more colorful vegetables in your meal

Eating more vegetable is one of the great ways to minimize the calorie intake. But, still you can enjoy eating your meals, more importantly you can make the dish full of vegetables without thinking about the calorie intake. In comparison to the rich protein and fat, fat is very low on calorie. Cauliflower, tomatoes, broccoli etc. can help you to lose weight.

3. Eat more fresh foods

It’s better to eat garden fresh fruits rather than drinking fruit juices available in your nearest shop. Juice contains different kinds of preservative and refined sugar. Moreover, eating fresh foods can make you feel fuller on stomach for long hours. And fresh fruit can make the metabolism process faster and smoother.

4. Eat more fiber rich foods

Fiber rich foods are considered as a key while trying to lose weight from the body. Fiber food tends to stay in the intestine for longer period of time. So it will make you feel fuller at stomach for long hours. It is also a good element to keep the digestion process slower around the day. Legumes, beans, oat bran, asparagus etc. are the good sources of fiber food.

5. Avoid different kind of beverages and soft drinks

Fruit juices and beverages contain high amount of glucose or refined sugar, which is also known as simple carbs. It can stimulate to erect more insulin while consuming. High amount of insulin erection can make the condition favorable to store quickly absorbed calorie inside the body.

6. Drink enough of water before and after the meals

Drinking water never adds calorie inside the body. It is scientifically proved drinking water before the taking meal can reduce the weight gain tendency. Moreover, it can lower the amount of food intake. Metabolism and proper digestion depends more on the availability water inside the body.

7. Eat foods that contain water

Eating foods and fruits that contain mostly water will lower the calorie intake. In addition to that it will make your stomach feel fuller while eating core meals. Cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, celery and radish contains 95% of water in comparison to the total mass.

8. Avoid eating processed foods and try to stick to the whole grain products

Processed foods grain is mostly free of fiber and essential food elements. It’s more likely to be artificial, which contain very less amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. On the other hand whole grain foods can help you to avail those necessary elements accordingly. Brown rice, whole grain pasta, quinoa, white berries can be a good source of whole grain foods which can accelerate the weight loss process.

9. Try to eat slowly

Never tend to eat faster while eating your meal. If you eat fast then you can’t feel that you are overeating, as the brain takes 20 minutes to recognize the fact of overeating. More importantly, faster eating can slow down the metabolism process. So, you need to spend reasonable time while eating your meal for proper dieting.

10. Keep your plate smaller and use utensils

Eating with hands will increase the ability to consume more foods. Using utensils and keeping the plate size smaller can lead the way to eat fewer amounts of foods.

 11. Control the temptation of taking fat rich fast foods

It’s very usual that many of us fond of eating beef burger, pizza, hot dogs, cakes, sandwich and so many other fast food items. These are actually a fat boom and high in calorie. It contains saturated fat which is awfully dangerous for weight loss issue. You should control your temptation and cut these food items from the checklist.

12. Try to take green tea on daily basis

Green tea and its extract contain a very renowned antioxidant, which is familiar as catechins. In addition to that it contains little amount of caffeine alongside. Catechins and caffeine can contribute significantly to shed some extra pounds from the body.

13. Add monounsaturated fats in your diet

While trying to lose weight it is very essential to avoid taking saturated fat directly. So, to recover this gap you can replace your demand with monounsaturated fat. Almonds, avocadoes, olive oil, walnuts can be the great sources of monounsaturated fats.


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