10 effective tips on losing weight

Weight is a burden when it crosses the limit. An overweight person stays in the good percentage of possibilities to be affected with numerous dangerous diseases. Diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary and so many other diseases happen highly among the person owing heavy weight.

Almost every one of us strives to get away from this burden. But there are no shortcut ways to shrug off the fat from the body, once it is gained. You have to go through some rules and regulations to succeed in losing weight.

Here in below, I have written about 10 effective tips on losing weight. If you can follow these tips properly, I hope you will be successful.

1. Drinking water before meal

If you want to lose your weight then it’s high time to increase the absorption of pure water. Health professional suggest that an adult person should drink at least 2 liters of pure water each day. Water helps to clean the waste from your body.

Moreover, from different studies it is proved that drinking water before meal is very effective in weight losing. As water makes you feel fuller throughout the time of eating. Besides that, drinking water before meal will keep the digestion good.

2. Eat smaller meals frequently

In terms of weight losing or flattening belly there is a common notion that reducing the number of meal will accelerate the process. It is very usual among the people to cut down their meal for getting rid of the overweight problem.

So they tend to eat more in their 2-3 meals around the day. Eating after the long interval slows down the metabolism process significantly.

Whereas it is proved that eating 5-6 smaller meals instead of 2-3 bigger meals can boost up the metabolism process. If the metabolism happens throughout the day, it will certainly help you to burn good number of calories in return.

3. Keep proteins in your everyday meal

Protein is the key to a jump start of metabolism process. Protein is also a great source of high thermal effect. Try to keep protein in your every day meal. It will not only boost up the metabolism, but also accelerate the calorie burning process.

In addition to the burning calories or fat, Protein will also help you to rebuild your body muscles in course of time. It’s a great source of energy as well.

It will help you to feel fuller throughout the day.

4. Find out the diet with low Glycemic index

Glycemic index is one of the major factors of foods. Food with low glycemic index boosts up the fat burning process.

You may eat a good amount food belongs to the low glycemic index without any worries. There are so many low glycemic index foods available in your doorstep. The weight loss diet includes different type of green vegetables, fruits, meats and many low fat dairy products.

5. Stay away from sugary drinks

Sugar is a fast carbohydrate. It can break into calories within a very short period of time. It can help you feel energized just after few minutes of consumption.

So, if someone consumes more than needed. Then body cannot metabolize that plenty amount of calories within short span of time. So it tends to store the excessive calorie as fat.

For keeping your body fit and toned, you have to say goodbye to those highly sugared drinks. As it is a great source of liquid calories.

6. Never eat your dinner late at night

Many of us have a common habit of eating dinner late at night. No matter either we are free or busy; we might tend to eat our dinner just before the sleeping. But this habit has a diverse effect on human body. It will help you to accumulate a good amount of fat in course of time. If you are below the standard weight than it might not affects too much. But if above the standard level of weight this habit will be a disaster for you.

Usually our body stays in rest mood at the time of sleeping. Therefore the metabolism is being slowed down rapidly. So, if you consume enough of food just before sleeping. Then it will help you to store the excessive calories as fat. As a result your weight will grow faster.

7. Start doing different type of activities

There are so many type of activities available out there, which you can perform at home or gym. Workouts are a perfect way to lose weight fast. It is great key for enhancing calorie burning as well. As calorie burning paves the way to lose weight. Consider starting of workout with the easier one. It’s likely you may start with walking first.

When you feel that you are fit for other type of harder activities. Then you may switch to another. The more your activities, the more calories you will burn!

But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to indulge on workout round the clock.

8. Avoid doing exercises for longer period of time

I know that many of us want to see the progress on losing weight within the earliest possible time. So, how to do it?

Many people seem to believe that exercise throughout the day can make a good progress within a short time. But in reality long time exercise can be very harmful for the human body.

Prolonged exercise may result is significant dehydration. So, you may feel sick and weak. Your metabolism will be worse in return.

9. Maintain a standard duration of time for sleeping

Sometime people seem to believe that enough of sleeping is very bad while in the process of losing weight. But it is proved very wrong. Don’t reduce your sleeping time. Try to sleep 7-8 hrs at night in regular basis. Lack of sleeping can rapidly slow down the metabolism process.

Besides, sleeping disorder can make you feel mentally stressed throughout the day.

10. Reduce your calories gradually

There is no any shortcut way or easy remedy from the overweight and bloated stomach problem. You have plan for the long term.

It is wise to think in broad spectrum while you are on the way to lose weight. If somehow you can achieve something within a short time, I bet it will never stay long. So, from my own experience I insist on reducing calories gradually.

That’s all; but I would like to remind you few more basic things for losing weight. Dieting is never a good idea, instead of that eat fresh and healthy food that will make you happier and healthier. If you are a food addict no plan will work, so you have to deal with this problem first. Make sure healthy foods are around you so that you can eat those when you feel hungry.

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