Benefits of Superfoods

There are foods that are known or labeled as superfoods even though these foods are not officially defined as superfoods. Foods that are known as superfoods are believed to have countless health benefits. Health benefits of superfoods still remains subject to ongoing research or closer scrutiny. Whether the definition of superfoods is appropriate, may or may not be questionable. Superfoods have many health benefits that are seemingly very interesting and useful to know about. It is however may be more appropriate to relate health benefits of superfoods to latest research findings of relevant health organizations and advice from doctors or dietitians. Below are some foods that are known as superfoods along with their health benefits.


Flavonoids in papaya helps fight cancer cells. Carotenes in papaya helps block lung cancer and oral cavity. It helps control blood pressure. It facilitates bowel movements. It helps prevent blood clots.

Brazil Nuts

Nuts contain healthy monounsaturated fats. Nuts help lower bad cholesterol and raise levels of good cholesterol. Nuts are heart-healthy snack. Selenium in nuts increase anti-oxidants, which combats cancer and heart disease. Vitamins and minerals in nuts are good for metabolic health. Copper in nuts help prevent anemia and bone weakness.      


Spinach has health benefits for the entire body. Spinach has flavonoids that help fight cancer. Spinach is good for eye health. It strengthens bones. It enhances brainpower and immune system.    


Seaweeds regulate hormones, help fight cancer, prevent high blood pressure. Seaweeds strengthen mucus and provide protection for the wall of the gut.


Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that enhances disease-fighting capability. Tomatoes help fight cancerous elements. They have positive effects on diabetic patients, nerve and brain tissues. It helps lower bad cholesterol. They are linked with improved heart health, sleep and memory.


Broccoli is rich in carotenoids, which get body free from harmful compounds. Broccoli is also rich in sulforaphane, which expels cancer-causing chemical from the body. Broccoli is the only veggie that has sulforaphane, which makes it champions among superfoods. Broccoli is linked with improved heart health, digestive health and cognitive functioning. It helps reduce tumor growth and helps maintain weight.        

Black Raspberries

Black raspberries contain cancer-prevention properties. Black raspberries are more powerful than other berries. Antioxidants in black raspberries are better in fighting certain free radicals than antioxidants in other berries. They are high in phenolic compound that helps fight disease. Black raspberries are linked with reduction in tumor growth and reduction in risks of colon and esophageal cancers. Black raspberries contain high levels of ellagic acid that is anti-viral and anti-bacterial.


Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They are linked with improved brain function, cancer-prevention and lowering blood pressure. They are high in popyphenolic antioxidants that keep body free from harmful radicals. Walnuts contain zinc, magnesium and iron. Vitamin E in walnuts provide protection for skin and membrane.


Garlic may help lower risks of certain types of cancer, as pointed out by National Cancer Institute. Garlic can help with cold sores, psoriasis and weight control. It can be good for hair health and can help reduce acne.

Black Pepper

Black pepper has digestive and other health benefits. It helps stimulate fat cell breakdown, promote urination and reduce intestinal gas. Black pepper increases hydrochloric acid that helps improve digestion.


Lentils have numerous health benefits. Lentils are linked with reduction in risks of heart disease and lowering of cholesterol levels. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Lentils are great source of lean proteins. It is a low calorie and high nutrient food.                                                

Fish oil

Fish oil is linked with enhanced brain and cardiovascular health. It helps mitigate symptoms associated with IBS. It may help prevent cancer as well.         


Ginger is good stomachaches and digestion. Ginger can be used as cognitive enhancer, anti-cancer agent, nausea remedy, menstrual symptom reliever and pain reliever.                                               


Peppermint can be effective natural remedy for stuffy nose, tension headaches, nausea, indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.


Pineapples contains vitamin C, fiber, bromelain and plenty of moisture. Pineapples are linked with many other health benefits including lowered cholesterol level, reduced symptoms of sore throat, enhanced immune functions, anti-inflammatory properties and reduced risks of bronchitis.                   


Water has many health benefits. It is linked with better digestive and kidney health. It helps reduce muscle fatigue. It is also linked with hydrated skin and efficient elimination of toxins from body. Water also helps reduce calorie intake when consumed before a meal.       

Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherry juice has cancer and disease prevention properties. It is the best among other fruits in absorbing oxygen free radicals. It is linked with many other health benefits including healthier sleep pattern, better immune system, enhanced brain function, faster recovery from exercise fatigue and healthier cardiovascular function.  

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is linked with reduced cholesterol, reduced inflammatory properties,   reduced risks of heart attack, reduced risks of digestive, breast and respiratory cancer. It helps stabilize blood sugar level and block arteries from hardening. It helps reduce risks of high blood pressure.                  

Health benefits of superfoods are pretty impressive. Number of the superfoods are also belly fat-loss friendly, which many may be interested in. It’s worth learning or investigating more about benefits of superfoods in relation to relevant and emerging scientific evidences. Knowing about superfoods can be helpful in making healthy food choices. 

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