Protein Powder Benefits

Protein powder is convenient source of high quality protein, as pointed out by Carole Conn who is a PhD and associate professor at the University of New Mexico. They can be useful depending on circumstances. It is better to achieve to protein intake goal by consuming whole food. Nonetheless, being busy and need for quicker and adequate protein intake in specific circumstances, makes protein powder highly useful.

Following are the circumstances when protein powder can be useful.

  • When a teenager is growing his or her body uses more protein in general, which is why a teenager needs more protein to fuel his or her workout.
  • When a person starts a new program, the workout is new and the person is trying to build muscle, which require more protein than usual.
  • When a person decides to ramp up his or her workout, it will also require consumption of more protein.
  • When a person is recovering from an injury, he or she needs to consume more protein than usual. Sports injuries for athletes require more protein to help heal faster.
  • When a person becomes vegetarian, he or she avoids eating common sources of protein such as fish, chicken, meat. Sometime vegetarians avoid dairy products as well. Vegetarians can also consume powder.

Fitness fanatics and bodybuilders usually consume protein powder, which is actually more than a post workout recovery drink. Protein powder can be amazing tool to enjoy a healthy life full of strength and energy. Below are some benefits of consuming protein powder.

Muscle Health

Healthy muscles are very important for living fabulous life. The more muscle, the better the feeling is. Muscle moves and get things done for us. Adequate protein intake is very important in maintaining healthy muscle tissue. Every time we engage in hard work such as mowing the lawn or shoveling the driveway, muscles do the job for us. Once we are done, muscles need rest and recovery. Because of hard work muscle, damage can happen. Adequate proteins do help get necessary recovery for muscles. With rest and sufficient dietary protein, muscles heal quicker.

Healthy Metabolism

Muscles are not just useful for looking and staying fit, but also important for sustaining healthy metabolism. The more muscles a body has, the more calories it burns throughout the day. Small increase in muscle can lead to better metabolism. Burning more calories because of more muscles help maintain healthy weight. Adding or maintaining healthy amount of muscles does not necessarily requires spending hours in gym. Engagement in simple activities such as gardening, shoveling, hiking and walking can help add or maintain muscle as long as a person consumes adequate amount of protein.

Appetite Control

Protein helps feel full for longer period, unlike high carbohydrate meals that can help feel full, then tired and finally hungry again. Protein takes longer to digest unlike sugars. This lengthy process of digestion is one of the reasons why protein can help feel full longer than most of the other foods. The longer we feel full, the less we will be tempted to consume unhealthy food unnecessarily. The more we can avoid unhealthy or unnecessary consumption of food, the better our waistline will be.


Protein provides strength. Even though we do not need to be super-strong, we need the strength that it takes to be able to engage in daily activities. Strength enables us to do things easily. What is important to being strong is feeding muscles what it needs, which is protein.

Body composition

Different percentages of bone, fluids, fat tissues and muscles make up our body. If we do not consume enough protein, muscle atrophy can occur. Body loses muscle as it ages. Nonetheless, looking after muscle is possible if we stay active and consume enough quality protein. When percentage of muscle gets higher than percentage of fat, we become healthy. The higher the percentage of muscle, the healthier we will be. Just engaging in regular activities and having adequate protein intake  cannot  just help build and maintain  healthy amount of muscles but also can lower  the percentage of  body fat leading to healthier body composition.

Despite many positive aspects, before deciding to consume protein powder, one should consider his or her protein intake goal and whether it is possible to that goal by consuming whole food first. Over consumption of protein may have negative effects on kidney and liver. It is a good idea to consult dietitian before consuming protein powder.

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