Food habit

Food habit refers to a habit being adopted by people in course of time. Food habit plays a vital role in keeping the body slim and fit. It usually differs person to person.

There are so many reasons behind the diversity of food habit among the people. It varies regarding the geographical location around the country and world. You might find what other people eating in another country are like a disaster for you! I don’t want to lengthen my words by presenting those awkward food habits to you.

Hereby I am going to talk about usual food habit and its diverse effect on human body. You may already observe that some people like to eat dessert, some like to eat fried chicken, some burgers, some pizzas and what not. But few things needs to be clear while making a good habit of eating food. For instance, if you do have excess fat in your body and fond of eating cheese or butter. Then it will lead you on the way to gain more fat in your body.

So you need to be cautious about choosing the right food in your daily meal. Your body will respond to the food.

Do you need to change your food habit? Sometimes people seem very confused about whether they need to change their food habit or not. You may claim that you are feeling comfortable with the current food habit. Then why should you need to change?

In that perspective I would like to inform you that, no matter how comfortable you are! Your comfortableness might pave the way to gain more weight in return. So, sometime you have to saty away from the comfortable zone. Then try hard to figure out which food habit is helping you to gain fat. If you could specifically sort it out and get rid of it, then it would be your first step towards the goal of flat stomach.

Habits you should get away

Some food habits are extremely dangerous for individuals. For example if you have made great attraction on cheese, butter and sweets. While your weight is increasing day by day, then it’s high time to decide whether you will stick on this habit or not. I know that these foods are very attractive.

But, in reality these are yummy and help you to gain fat in your body within a short time. It will not just lead the way to gain extra fat in your body, besides it will help you to store fat and cholesterol in your blood vessel. Fat and cholesterol in blood vessel will help to increase the probability of cardiovascular diseases.

Now you might have a question what’s wrong with carbohydrates? Whereas  1gm of carbohydrate producing 4 calories and 1 gm of fat producing 8.6 calories in return.

Fat necessarily produces a good amount of calories in body. If the amount is more than the demand, then the excessive calories will be stored as fat. Same thing will happen for carbohydrates.

If you consume fast carbohydrate then it will break into calories within a very short time. To digest the excessive calories body tends to excrete insulin in a significant rate. Thus the insulin leads the way to store excessive calories as fat.

How to shift one food item to another in a fast food shop?

I know many of us have to stay long hours outside the home. So we have to depend on the fast food shop or restaurant while staying outside. After a long tiring day of workout we would like to fill our appetite with choosy foods.

Suppose you stepped into the McDonalds. You may feel that it won’t affect more if you order a double cheese burger after whole day of working. French fry and soft drink usually comes with that. As a whole you never know how much calories you are consuming at a time.

Besides, cheese and mayonnaise is a great source of saturated fat. This could be a good reason to make you overweight in course of time.

Now, while you are trying hard to flatten your stomach, then you have to stay away from those fat rich foods. You can’t do this overnight. You have to make a plan for long term effect. As a part of the long term process, first day you can avoid eating French fries.

Other day you can replace your soft drink with pure drinking water. Then gradually switch to the chicken or fish burger instead of beef or mutton burger. While started to shift it might feel bad and upsetting. But, you will find the result of shifting after few days of practicing this way. Your body will respond in accordance to the food.

Food habits at home

Home is the perfect place to start doing something and make it a habit. Food habit is usually being adopted at home. This habit has a great influence on consuming food outside the home.

Home is the place to learn. Usually what do we do on a typical day? We start our day with bread, butter, cheese and coffee. In the long run that butter and cheese will help you to gain some extra weight. If you are overweight then replace the cheese and butter with Jam or jelly. While shopping for home, don’t forget to keep fat burning food and low calorie food in your cart. Fiber containing food also very helpful while dieting as it stays longer in intestine.

In lunch you should make a habit of taking proper amount of food. Don’t make too many items at home. It certainly leads you to overeating.

Dinner is a very vital meal when you are on the way to flatten your stomach. Try to take your dinner early at night. Don’t eat too much rich foods in dinner, as you are going to sleep for long hours after eating. At the resting time metabolism process rapidly slows down. Therefore the excessive calories being taken in dinner will lead the way to be stored as fat.

Shifting food habits too fast?

I know some of us very aggressive and ambitious while trying to gain a flat stomach.

So, after learning a lot about food habit, you may tend to take some fast initiatives to make some good changes in your body structure. For healthy diet if you change all of your food habits dramatically. Then, can you imagine what will happen next?

You will be awfully bored of taking those low calories food and I am pretty sure that you will switch to the earlier habit of taking fancy foods.

So, I would rather suggest you to make these changes slowly but steadily. You have to make a long term approach. For instance you can stop eating cheese from this week, from next week you will start eating jam and jelly instead of butter.

Thus after couple of weeks down the line you can switch to the food containing fiber instead of cheese and mayonnaise.

You have to go slowly but surely. Predetermine your steps before staring the process. Try to follow those for long term effect. Don’t try to change your habit overnight.

If you ought to change everything from today and want to achieve your desired goal at next month. Then it would be quite a tough job to accomplish.

Tips for healthy food habits

  • If you are a breakfast skipper then you are in a risk of weight gain rather lose. Do not avoid your breakfast. It will boost the metabolism process and lead to weight lose process. Therefore, start your day with a full-fledged breakfast and keep your weight lower.
  • When you eat in a big bowl you are mostly tend to eat more. So have your meal in small bowl so that you mostly think to eat full bowl of food. It will mentally make you think full belly with less food.
  • Drinking a lot of water will energize the internal function and keep the body germ free. At the same time, it will make your stomach full so you will feel full stomach with small amount of water.
  • Have some yogurt with every meal you take. In recent study, it is found that yogurt helps in reducing the body weight.
  • Have small treat to entertain yourself. It will remove your monotonous feeling and help to stick to the weight loss process.

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