Ingredient that makes You Feel Hungry

What ingredient boosts hunger and consequently contributes to weight gain, has been subject to curiosity and research. Dietary salt is found to be responsible for increase in hunger. Contrary to conventional scientific wisdom held for 100 years, dietary salt increases hunger and decreases thirst. The research finding has been published in Journal of Clinical Investigation.

The research involved cosmonauts in a flight simulation program, having dietary salt intake in varying amount. With decrease in dietary salt intake, participants were less hungry and with increase in dietary salt intake, participants were getting hungrier.  


A public health organization, namely Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has been working to get salt intake under control for British residents. Even though recommended salt intake is 6 grams, people usually consume more than that. Even though the U. K. government set a target level to be achieved by 2017  for salt content in food in supermarket shelves several years ago, most of the foods still remain unlikely to be able to  achieve the target level by 2017, as found out by CASH. Target level is 1.13 grams of salt per 100 grams of food. Salt is associated with hunger, weight gain and number of diseases. It is useful to know and avoid or limit food that are too salty.


Hot Chocolate

Foods that taste sweet can still be high in salt content in some cases. Hot chocolate can be high in salt content. A particular brand of hot chocolate was found to have 0.8-gram salt per 25 gram per serving.

Breakfast Cereal

Some breakfast cereal can also be high in salt content. It is good to check salt content and limit consumption accordingly.

Pre-packed Salad and Sauces

Surprisingly, pre-packed salad can be source of salt. Salad dressing and marinade are salty. They can be much saltier than they taste. It is a good idea to make marinade and salad dressing at home, to avoid getting them from supermarket.


Some cheese can be saltier than other. It is good to check amount of salt and consume accordingly.

Savory Spread

Cream cheese, hummus, margarine, peanut butter and other seemingly healthy spread can be very salty.


Salt is present in bread as well. It is good to check the amount of salt before consumption.

Baked Goods

Baked goods like doughnuts and packaged cakes are known to have too much calorie and harmful fat. These foods can also be salty.


Soup is delicious and nutritious. Soup can be salty as well. It is good to prepare soup at home to avoid high salt intake, which food companies may not care about.

Reduced-sodium Food

Reduced-sodium food may be OK while trying to cut back on salt gradually. Low-sodium food or Very low-sodium food is even better.

Veggie Burger

Veggie burger and patties can also be high in salt content.

Pancakes and Sandwiches

Making pancakes or sandwiches   at home is a good option to limit salt content.


Apart from demerits, salt has merits as well. Smaller or reasonable amount of salt is good for human body. It is important to limit consumption of salt or salty food in accordance with recommended amount of daily salt intake in relation to age. Consulting a doctor or dietitian is useful in making dietary changes.

Last update: June 11, 2017 12:30:03 pm

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