Best Late Night Snacks for Weight and Fat Control

There may be times when you fall asleep with an empty stomach. Then you get up late at night and start eating something. This late night eating/snacking may put your health at higher risk for obesity and over eating problems. To avoid gaining extra weight and fat from this situation, a careful selection of late night snacks is necessary. Luckily, there are healthy snacks that can help you in this regard. These healthy snacks are low in calories but at the same time high in volume. The advantage of these healthy snacks is that they will leave you feeling full but they will not allow you to cross the everyday calorie requirement. These snacks are usually 100 to 200 calories or less. This amount safe and will not allow you gaining extra weight and fat.


There are different categories of healthy snacks. Vegetables, fruits, protein foods, grains are good examples of healthy snacks. These foods are rich in calories but they will not increase your weight and fat to a level that can cause obesity or extra weight and fat in your body.


Snacks consisting vegetables are high in water and fiber. Raw carrots sticks, celery, bell peppers, snap peas, cucumbers, broccoli or zucchini provides between 25 and 50 calories. These vegetable snacks will make you feel full. They will also provide you with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These are required elements for a healthy body.


Fruits are also low in calories and high in fiber. Apart from being sweet in taste, a whole raw fruit such as an apple, pear, orange, banana, or cherries, berries or grapes will leave you full in stomach. There is 80 calories per cup of these foods. A mixed fruit salad can also be used in this case. You can also try dipping sliced fruit in a small amount of low-fat yogurt or nut butter. In any case, you have to be careful and calculative in measuring your daily calorie intake. Nut butter can provide about 90 calories per tablespoon.

Protein Foods

Protein-rich foods are high in fiber and they can be responsible to move foods slowly through your digestive tract. As a result, they will keep you feeling full for a longer period. A good high-protein option is mixed nuts. But you have to be aware of your portion size. One quarter of a cup provides roughly 180 calories. Yogurt or cottage cheese is regarded as low-fat dairy products. These foods can make a good snack as well. Low-fat varieties of food always help you limit calories. Eggs are another excellent source of protein. But remember that a hard-boiled egg gives you only 75 calories.


Chips or crackers can be considered as good alternatives that contain fewer calories. For example, brown-rice cakes, made from puffed rice, contain only 35 calories per cake. And the popular popcorn without butter provides 31 calories per-cup popped. Another snack can be toasting one-half of a whole-wheat English muffin and top it with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. This can provide with 160 calories.

Food Habit

Sometimes you may notice that you are taking too much snacks every day and your daily calorie intake is mostly coming from snacks. In those cases, you'll want to make some changes to your daily food habit. You can try eating slightly more calories in your meals throughout the day. This will help you subside your hunger. Moreover, you have to go to sleep sooner. If you wait to go to sleep until you're hungry, you'll want to eat. You should go to bed before your dinner has been fully digested. This will restrict your body from building a habit of eating more before sleeping.

All of these above foods and food habits can contribute to healthy diet that can help you maintain a weight and fat free healthy body.

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