Slow carb diet

You may think why slow carb diet. What is the use of slow carb in weight loss or belly flattening process?In a nut shell, I would say that when you start eating slow carb diet your fat burning process gets some momentum by avoiding fat foods. In slow carb diet you have to rely on meats, vegetables, lentils.

The goal of eating slow carb diet is to reduce weight. Slow carb foods keeps insulin level low which promotes weight loss. This advocates taking same meals. So within a few days you will start to lose weight dramatically.

For whom slow carb diet

Many people who are idle or don’t have time to exercise can follow this diet. There are also some people who are eating conscious and want to feel better following this diet plan. The slow carb diet is very simple to follow. You don’t have to bring any major change in your lifestyle.

How to follow slow carb diet

No white carb

White carbs like rice, cereal, pasta, noodles, and sugar contain too much calorie. So try to have moderate amount of carb.

Have same meal frequently

When a diet plan is easy and simple and it does not need to change frequently, is easy to stick to. To make it easy take same dishes frequently. It saves time to make decision about what to eat.

Don’t drink calories

Avoid drinking calories in the form of milk, juices, soda etc. instead you can drink water, green tea or diet tea. On the other side alcohol, beer etc. are filled with too much calories. So avoid taking alcohol.

Don’t eat fruit

There is general notion that fruits are favorable in weight loss but if you become full dependant on fruit that may cause the consumption of extra carb.

Enjoy an off day per weak

Following a stiff plan is difficult to follow often. So taking an off day will support to stick to this plan for longer period. If you miss your favorite ice cream or any dish, save this missing for a day per week.

What you can take for slow carb diet

As you already know that slow carb diet are totally protein, vegetables and fat based, so you have to rely totally on these food items. Here I am describing slow carb diet on meal basis.


  • Egg, beef.
  • Black beans, salsa
  • Whey protein shake


  • salad with chicken
  • burrito bowl: leftover chicken breast, black beans, salsa
  • bean chili with beef


  • Grilled chicken, beef with mushrooms.
  • Salmon with spinach salad
  • black beans with onions & asparagus with butter

Some people make mistakes while following slow carb diet. Eating lots of veggies, deinking scanty water, changing habits too early, being stiff on every health issues can bring opposite result. So be cautious and act wisely.

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