Low Carb Diet Side Effects

Every type of diets has some potential side effects, low carb diet is not beyond this rules. Although these side effects are not severed and it is manageable if the reasons are identified carefully. If you can understand the reaction of your body then it is easy for you to avoid these symptoms at primary level.  I will try to describe these side effects thoroughly with possible way of treatment.

Frequent urination
at the very beginning you will notice that you are going to bathroom frequently for urinating. Because when you go with low carb diet your body burns glycogen and while glycogen is broken it releases lot of water.

Fatigue and dizziness

When your body releases so much water, lots of mineral, potassium and magnesium are also excreted with urine. When your body loses too much minerals of these kinds, you become tired or sleepy very early.

It is very common to become drowsy while you are following slow carb diet.But you can minimize this problem by drinking salt mix water, green leafy vegetables and fruits with potassium.


When you take high carb your body puts some insulin to take care sugar level. But at the time of sudden drop of your carb intake in your meal, you may experience low blood sugar.


If your body is in ketosis state, headache can be frequent problem for you. At the same time you may feel flu like symptoms. It is normally caused by lack of minerals. If it is the exact reason you can identify then try to drink salt mix water and you will get better filling within 20 minutes.


It is the most common side effect that a low diet follower may suffer. It is mainly caused for dehydration, loss of lot of salt, magnesium imbalance. A 400mg magnesium citrate can help you to get rid of this problem.

The low carb diet’s side effects are temporary problem not any major obstacle that remains for shorter period of time. If you can adjust with the time, these side effects will be cured and you will feel good.

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