Low Carb and Low Fat Diet

Weight loss program restricts many food intakes that help to increase weight. Fatty foods normally promote weight gain but still there is a chance to satisfy your appetite with healthy fat. If you are planning to reduce your weight but don’t want to leave your habit of eating fatty foods then you can consume lean meats and healthy fat added foods.  But it will be bit difficult to determine which and how much fat is good for your heath. So you need to take expert help. Weight loss plan also requires low carb foods. So if you go with low carb and low fat foods you can reduce some extra weight drastically.

Carbs are considered in terms of net carbs.  Net carb is determined by deducting fiber and sugar from total carbs. Generally doctor suggeststaking 20-50 grams of carbs when you follow low carb diet.

When you take very low carb then you body goes into a condition called ketosis. Ketosis is such a state in which your body is compelled to burn energy from fat instead carbs. Once you gain your desired weight you may eat 50-150 grams carbs.

Again when you take low fat diet you cannot take more than 30% calories from fat. Suppose you are taking 2100 calories, you can take maximum 630 calories from fat. But what will happen when you follow both that is low carb and low fat diet? To restrict both fat and carb you have to rely on lean meat and non starchy veggies.

Low fat from lean protein

There are some foods that allow you to maintain both low carb and low fat diet such as animal protein. You just need to choose lean protein carefully. Chicken breast without skin and egg whites are lean meat that provides pure protein without any fat. Some fish are also a good source of protein without fat except salmon, tuna and sardines. If you prefer meatless meal then eat tofu and soya meat products.

Some sources of low carbs

Some non vegetables foods are source of carb and fat as well. Normally vegetables are low in carbs and fat. Chinese cabbage, raw celery, endive, button mushrooms, radicchio, daikon root and baby spinach contain less than 1 gram of carb. Fruits such as pumpkin contains 5 grams carbs and black raspberries contains only4 grams carbs

Include healthy fat in your diet

Low fat diet requires restricting fat intake in your diet. You have to consume less amount of butter, animal oil and vegetable oil. Nut and seeds are also very good for your health that does not increase fat at the same time it contains some net carbs of 1-3 grams.

Low carb and low fat diets promotes weight loss but if you take this diet for long time then you may face some problem. As this diet suggest relying mainly on protein ultimately leads you to poor metabolism rate. Too much amount of protein consumption raises amino acid and ammonia level that may cause death. You need to balance your diet with little fat; protein and carb to make it easy follow so that you gain your desired body fitness.


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