List of Slow Carbs

When we eat any food, most probably we never think about the effect of digestion on our health. Whatever food we eat, it influences our body differently. Some foods take less time and some more. In this part I will give some information of slow carb foods. The foundation of carb foods is sugar although fiber and other nutritional elements are also founds. 

Slow carbs are digested slowly and provides energy throughout the day. It keeps a balance of calorie in your body. Slow carb foods take much time to be absorbed in your body so it remains longer period of time in your stomach. The slower the break down process of glucose is in your body, the longer time the glucose takes to enter into your bloodstream. This state stabilizes your blood sugar level. If this process does not take place then your body will be flooded with extra glucose in your body at the same time that ultimately will lead to store fat.

List of some slow carbs

The slow carbs of following list include the superior source of edible complex carbs.


Occasional Items










Chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

Green beans

Nuts and nut butters (make sure there’s no sugar added!)


Cream (up to 2 Tbs daily in coffee)







Sauerkraut, kimchee



Along with these vegetables, eggs, organic sausages, all types of fish, seafood, hot sauce, salsa without sugar, butter etc take much time to digest.

Nuts and legumes

Various kinds of nuts and legumes are very slow to digest. Kidney beans, peanuts, soya beans are low on GI. At the same time they have high fiber that slows down digestion process.

Banned foods on the slow carb diet

There is also a list of foods that you should avoid while following slow car diet. This includes milk, milk products, cheese, refined soya products, potatoes, breads, ketchup, creamy dressings with sugar, honey, corn sugar, pop cornet.

So substituting slow carb foods in your daily meal will ensure enough energy, proper nutrition etc. besides you have to be active throughout the day to prevent storing fat and cholesterol in your body.

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