List of Fast Carbs

I have discussed a lot, regarding what is fast carb, and how it works in losing weight, its advantage and disadvantage, list of fast carb foods. In this part I would focus on various fast carb foods. I have categorized fast carb foods into 5 major categories. These are –

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Snacks
  • Dairy


Potato, sweet potato, green peas and carrots are fast carb vegetables which provide faster energy. Potato is quick digesting food. But when you take potato with protein or fatty foods then the process of digestion of potato slows down. So if you workouts for some times then don’t take it with protein or fat because at this time you need some quick energy. Sweet potato is also fast carb which contains high fiber. Amazing matter is fiber cannot be turned into calories.

Green peas are full with carb. It also has starch and fiber.Carrots are rich with alpha, bête carotene and fiber as well. It works as an anti aging dose in the body


Fruits such as blackberries, banana, blueberries, cranberries, grapefruit, watermelon all these fruits are quickly turned into energy. Blueberries are low calorie fruit. It contains soluble dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins etc. another berry that is blackberries is rich with fat, protein and dietary fiber.

Grapefruit promotes healthy skin and it affects blood sugar level. It helps to lose weight. If you are heart patient then grapefruit can be a magical fruit to treat your heart problem.


Many people face digestion problem eating fruits and vegetable. For those people whole grain is an alternative for producing quick energy. White boiled rice, breakfast cereal, instant rice etc are easily digestible foods. Breakfast cereal is beneficial for bowel movement, digestion, maintaining balanced health, lower cholesterol.


If you are fond of having small meal and various kinds of snacks then jelly beans chocolate, corn, chips pasta etc. these are very delicious at the same time they are very quick in providing some energy. When you are little hungry and want to have some quick energy try this snacks option.


Beside you can eat dairy foods including ice cream, yoghurt, and rice milk. Some people may face difficulty in digesting dairy foods but if you can digest them, you will feel fresh and energetic within short time.

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