Fast Carbs

What we eat in our everyday life is mostly carbohydrate. Major energy comes from this source of foods. It supplies quick energy to the body to perform our everyday activities. Carb is categorized as slow carb and fast carb according to their effect on blood sugar. To know more about a healthy diet you need to be aware about the distinction of these two carbs.

Fast carbs

Fast carbs are those, which increase blood sugar level after consuming. Fast carb causes rising glucose level in blood. Normally fast carb is made of sugar that your body absorbs very easily. When glucose level is increased, insulin helps to reduce the level of blood glucose.

You may think that fast carb foods are not suitable for many people. You may consider so because fast carbtriggers elevation of glucose. Although some people consider fast carb food as beneficial for their health. If you are a body builder or sportsman and you need quick energy, then fast carb foods will provides some energy within a very short time. Every sportsman needs quick calories after an exercise session to protect muscle protein from breaking down. Fast carb helps for to build muscle very quickly.

Fast carbs foods rank top of the glycemic index. The molecules of carbohydrates are small in these foods. Particularly sugar and sugar-contained foods are broken down in the intestine. There is a risk of eating fast carb foodsthat is, it makes your blood sugar level raised and triggers diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome. It brings benefits when you follow a workout routine.

If you are on the process of weight loss,you should take fast carb foods carefully. It triggers weight gain, as it is a quick source of energy. But you can consume fast carb foods if you workout in parallel way.

When you need fast carbs

One question may rise why we are so concern in fast carb or slow carb diet in weight loss process. Because these two types of carbohydrates varies with their performance of digesting foods. When you take fast carb foods, your stomach needs less effort to convert it into energy. That’s why your body gets some fat. Therefore, you have to be physically active and perform physical exercise to balance your calories. You can take fast carb foods after performing heavy workout to get back your energy very quickly.

Some people only rely on protein rich foods for recovering energy that they lose after workouts. It also slows down your recovery process. Along with weight, training consuming fast carbs with protein after exercise will refill exhausted glycogen stores. At the same time, it boost insulin supply and help rich nutrients into you weak muscles.

So I would suggest consuming 20-30 grams fast carb after doing some cardio exercise. But don’t take over dose of fast carb otherwise it will start gaining weight instead losing.

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