Fast Carbs before Workouts

I hope you have already read my previous article on fast carb and it can be supposed that you have some basic idea on fast carb. So what do you think regarding fast carb? Is it good or bad for health? Well it depends on your on how much and what type of carb you consume. In this article, I would discuss regarding the benefits and necessary of carb consumption before workouts.

You know that some people particularly sportsman, bodybuilders need to consume fast carb just before and after of workouts as it provides quick energy. The job of fast carb is restoring the glycogen level in blood. This glycogen is used for providing energy. When you finish your workout session your body becomes tired and then glycogen level to recover your sent energy.

There is a misconception that fast carb provides quick energy that’s why you will start to restoring fat. To some extent, it is true. As you taking fast carb after before workouts, there is a very less chance of becoming fat.

Fast carbs pre workout diet

When you are thinking to do workout take some fast carb at least 30 minutes before. You can take some protein along with fast carb in your meal. If you take slow carb before workout, it will take long time to digest. It will make you feel full and hamper to perform exercise. But fast carb will be digested very fast. But one thing keep in your mind that when fast carb is exhausted your body will crash quickly. So you can eat fast carb with oats and fruits to avoid this crash.

Dose of fast carb

How much you should consume fast carb depends on your personal choice. Normally you can take 20-50 grams of fast carb. You can mix fast carb with some slow carb for some better benefits.

Timing of carb consumption

You can consume fast carb in your last meal before training. If you do it, your performance of the training will be improved. If you take, fast digesting carb such as sports drink at the time of workouts, then it will prevent muscle lose.

Carb supplements

If you train longer period then you are recommended to take liquid fast digesting carb or carb supplement for faster glycogen restoration. It will not magically improve your workout session but it will provide you better result.

So if you are not still clear about what type of or how much fast carb you need to consume then consult with a dietician who can determine the right carb planning for you before performing you workouts.

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