Fast Carbs after Workouts

Carbs are necessary food elements for the internal smooth operation of the body. What carbs you eat all turns into glucose. Other foods elements like protein, fat are also converted into glucose to provide energy. It is supposed to take carbs and protein in a ratio of 3 to 1. If you take fast carb just after or within 2 hours the body starts to recover your muscles.

A recent study shows that fast carbs are absorbed very quickly and it release insulin 37% more than that of protein. You can also take a combination of carb and protein for better result. Taking carb after workouts increases insulin effects. Extra insulin eases anabolic and anticatabolic effects and both these effects hinder muscles loss.

Types of carbs

After workout you need to have some fast carb and if it is a sport drink then it is better to digest. But all carbs are not so quick in completing digestion process. It is necessary to take such foods that quickly start muscles recovery process. This necessity urges to consume fast carb such as 

  • Oats
  • Rice cake
  • Fruits

Recommended dosage

You should consume .75 grams of carb per pound of body weight within 30 minutes after workouts. It means that if you are150 pounds then you will get 112 grams of carbs and if you continue taking carbs in every two hours for four to six hours then the amount of carb will 112- 224 grams. When you start taking this amount of carbs after training a recovery process takes place that allows greater workout for next time.

Some consideration for taking fast carb

  • Try to combine your carb intake with protein to make muscle recovery and growth swift.
  • Try to consume relatively lower amount of fat as It has some influence in post workout recovery process. Sometimes it slows down the carb digestion process.
  • If you are not sure about what carb is best for you then keep a note on what carb helps you to recover quickly.

At end of this article I would take your attention to carb supplements. It may be a issue of whether you should take carbs from foods or supplements although I don’t want to discuss this issue right now rather I would suggest you should take both of these sources for better results. Supplements have better advantage of digesting better than foods. For these reason you can also consume supplements such as dextrose, maltodextrin, and glucoseafter training and throughout rest of the day you can take carbs intake from foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains etc.

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