Low Glycemic Index Foods

Foods, whether it would be low GI or not depend on how these foods are found in nature. If these foods are more close to nature then it tends to be low GI foods. But when any food becomes processed then it loses low GI properties. Some factors that affect low GI properties such as

  • Preparation
  • level of ripeness
  • Foods that are eaten at the same time.

When you cook anything with fat, fiber and acid like vinegar, it lowers the GI. On the other side if you cook for longer period, it will increase Glycemic index. Fruits that are ripen very well are very high in Glycemic index. However, what you eat at a time also influences the level of Glycemic index.

Here I am going to describe some Low GI foods in detail.


It is high fiber and low sugar containing foods that makes it low GI. Onion chili peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus are very low GI foods. Besides this bell peppers, carrots, cabbage, okra, Brussels sprouts, radish, cucumber are also fall in downward in Glycemic index. But if the vegetables are processed then it becomes high Glycemic index. Beets carrots and winter squash are non-starchyvegetables are mild indexed foods. You half meal should come from vegetables. 


Most of the fruits are very low GI foods. Some fruits including watermelon, grapes, and raisin are filled with sugar. So you should avoid these fruits. Raw apples and dried apples are both very low Glycemic index foods. But dried apples are more preferable as it is low GI in comparison to raw apple. Grapefruits, dried dates, raw pear, peach, orange, prunes, Apricots, dried, Plums, Tomato, Cherries are good option for low Glycemic foods. Mangoes and papaya is another good option if these are not over ripened. You can also eat canned fruits with no sugar added.


Due to high fiber, content legumes are naturally very low in GI scale. But be care full about fava beans and pinto beans as these are very high in GI scale. Instead, you can eat kidney beans, lentils, Yellow split peas, Black eyed peas, Green lentils, Navy beans, Chickpeas, and Cashews are good sources of low GI foods.

Grains and Cereals

Whole grains containing bran and endosperm are generally lower in Glycemic index. However, refined grains are very high in GI scale. Most of the cereals are high in Glycemic index. Barley, Rye, Quinoa, Bulgar, Whole grain pasta are low GI whole grains.

Moreover, bread like white bread is high in GI scale so try to have dark breads. Dairy foods may be confusing source of low GI foods for many people. The more fat contains in dairy foods the lower it is in GI scale. Therefore, for this reason you can have ice cream.

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