Low GI Diet Plan

Low GI diet plan is verywell known concept for heart and diabetes patient. Doctors suggest this diet plan as it helps to control blood sugar level. Low GI diet plan is mainly focused on carb rich foods. It raises blood sugar steadily. Along withthis, the fiber content of this diet makes you feel full for longer period. Therefore, you remain satisfied without having too much food. This property of Low GI foods is utilized for losing belly fat.

Many of you may have heard the word Low GI diet for the first time. So it is necessary to say few words about it. Glycemic index or GI rates the carb foods because of their influencing ability on the blood sugar level. The lower the value the slower it raises the blood sugar level.

How low GI foods help to reduce belly fat

You have already known about low GI foods. Foods that are high GI rating are quickly broken down. So your blood sugar suddenly goes up, on the other side your system produces insulin to take blood sugar level normal condition. When your body understands that you are low on sugar then you feel hungry. When you choose to eat low GI foods, it needs more time to digest so you feel full for long period.

What can be eaten?

Normally in Glycemic, index foods are ranked on a scale of 0-100. The rank is normally given based on raising blood sugar level.

High GI foods:High GI foods are supposed to rank 70 or higher. These foods include rice, white bread, baked potatoes, crackers, sugar sweetened beverages.

Medium GI foods: The foods that rank between 56-69 are medium GI foods. Bananas, ice cream, corn, grapes, spaghetti are Medium GI foods.

Low GI foods:low GI foods refer those which rank 55 or under 55. These foods include oatmeal, peanuts, carrots, fruits, kidney beans etc.

Here I am describing a low GI three times meal diet plan.


In breakfast porridge with oatmeal, skimmed milk, little honey, an orange is just perfect. You can also have a chopped apple, two chopped apricots, few grams of bran, little honey with low fat yoghurt. There are few more breakfast ideas you can follow.

  • Low fat natural yoghurt with a tbls honey and sprinkle of 2 teaspoon of sunflower seed.
  • Porridge with oatmeal, skimmed milk, little honey and a grapefruit
  • Two eggs with a spoon of semi skimmed milk.


Lunch can be more diversified with wholemeal pitta filled combination of a piece of cooked chicken, a tablespoon of mild mayonnaise and ¼ of teaspoon of Dijon mustard. You can add a bowl of green salad. Some other low GI lunch diet plans are

  • Some lentil soup with a slice of wholemeal bread with 2 medium size plums.
  • Mix a piece of tuna with some butter beans, a tomato, a half chopped onion and chopped parsley.
  • Veggie soupwith pumpernickel and an apple.


If you are afood-loving person then you can enjoy your dinner more impressively.

  • Vapor a large cod fillet and décor it with a tablespoon of salsa, some boiled potatoes and garden peas.
  • Slice up a chicken breast and fry it with half a pack of stir-fry vegetables in 1 teaspoon of oil. You can use whatever spices you prefer and Serve it with cooked brown rice.
  • Bake a piece of haddock fillet, serve it with cooked lentils and baby spinach.

Here I tried to make complete guideline for you to lose weight with low GI diet plan. If you follow this, I am sure it will make some difference for you.

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