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There is very old misconception regarding viscous fiber. People have little idea that itis a beneficial nutrient, but most of the people mistakenly eat viscous fiber rich foods and faces various health issues. Fiber is carbohydrate type of food. Normally it is not digested by human being. Scientists have categorized as either soluble or insoluble, whetherit is soluble or insoluble depends on the ability of dissolving in liquids.

Insoluble fibers are mostly harmful for your health. It works as an “obesity” agents. But soluble fiber has substantial influence on your health and metabolism system. In various studies on viscous fiber you will find that soluble fiber helps in reducing body fat. But it will reduce your fat when the fiber is featured with certain quality.

Viscous fiber supplies helpful bacteria

Viscous fiber passes through the digestive system and it remains unchanged, when helpful bacteria reaches in the intestine it turns into usable energy.The friendly bacterium in the intestine is believed to be very beneficial for health and body weight.

It reduces appetite and promotes less eating

A food that lessen our appetite supply us fewer calories without too much volume of it. Viscous fiber has this quality, it helps you feel fuller so that you eat less. However, according to a study although a few type of fiber can do this.

Arecent 44 studies asserts that 39% of fiber treatments increased contentment.

Therefore, you can understand that the more viscous a fiber is, the more it has ability to reduce hungry. The more the food is fiber rich and viscous the less you need food intake.

If I simply imply about the viscosity of a substance then I would say its adhesivenessor thickness.  – As in, the “density” of a liquid. For example, oil is much more viscous than water.

Viscous fiber such as pectin’s, psyllium, glucomannan and guar gum all thicken in water, forming adhesive substance that “passes” in the intestine.

This adhesive substance slows down digestion system and evacuation process of the stomach and increases the time it takes absorb foods and nutrients. Ultimate result islonger feeling of fullness and a significantly lesshunger.

Some evidence proves that the influence of weight loss fiber focuses the abdomen fatspecifically, which is the harmful your health.

So if you are taking too much high fiber foods then do it gradually. Otherwise it may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other stomach related side effects.  Another thing is only viscous fiber rich foods cannot bring desired result unless your lifestyle becomes favorable for weight loss.

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