Soluble Fiber Foods

People of this age are experiencing many health issues due to their changing food habits. Very few people consume dietary foods and suffer from many diseases. Fruits, beans, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts are rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber particularly soluble fiber saves you heart and blood vessels from being damaged from cholesterol plaques.

Sources of soluble fiber

Oatmeal, carrots, beans, Brussels sprouts contains very high in soluble fiber. When you digest them soluble fiber rich foods turn into gel like substance. This substance protects absorption of cholesterol and bad fatty substance. If your cholesterol level increases badly then you risk of heart attack and stroke. 

Every day you must eat 25-30 grams of fiber intake in which the amount of soluble has to be 6-8 grams. If you eat half cup of oatmeal you will get 1 gram of soluble fiber. An orange supplies 2 grams and half cup of cooked Brussels sprouts provides 3 grams of soluble fiber. 


If you do not comfortable with soluble fiber foods,supplement can be a good alternative for you. Psyllium husk is almost as same as oatmeal. It provides more soluble fiber than that of other foods. Every tablespoon of psyllium contains near about 5 grams of soluble fiber and you can find it at any retail chain shop.

Benefits of soluble fiber

Along with the digestive system it protects the health of heart. Soluble fiber helps to get the cholesterol out of the body. Thus it helps to reduce the chance of heart diseases. As I already said that soluble fiber is not absorbed properly so it does not raises blood sugar level so you go beyond the risk of diabetes.

The most important thing is that soluble fiber improves your bowel movement. Soluble fiber absorbs water when it goes through the digestive system. So stool becomes bulky and prevents constipation.


You may experience gas or stomach cramping with excess consumption of soluble fiber. Solublefiber soaks water so it is recommended that you take soluble intake from fruits vegetables, beans, whole grains and drink lots of fluids. Otherwise it may cause dehydration.

There is no doubt that fiber foods are essential for your healthy digestive system like other nutrients. But fiber is mostly misunderstood issue among the people. So be informed about the degree you can eat every day in your meal. If you eat more than your needs then it will bring some health problem on the other side if it is less then it will also create health problem. So try to balance in your meal plan.

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