High Fiber Foods for Kids

When some mom come together, most of the time the discussion is concern with their baby. Their anxiety is related with food habit and the digestion problem. Often mothers allege that their baby is having acute constipation problem. Then other moms start to open their bags of advices. One says to feed half prune juice with half water. Another mom says feed figs. Thus, the phase of advices goes on. At the same time, their depression keeps going on.

Moms never try to understand why their babies are frequently facing constipation. They keep no stone unturned but the matters remain same. I am suggesting you mothers to study your baby’s food habit. Are you adding enough fiber intake in your baby’s meal? I am sure most of the moms are indifferent regarding the fiber intake. Although some parents know about the beneficial side of fiber foods but their babies are reluctant to eat this kind of foods.

Before going to what type of food, you should feed your baby to ensure required amount of fiber intake. I would present required fiber amount for different babies.      


Required amount per day

6-12 months

Not specified




25 g







Make your baby’s breakfast with oatmeal as it provides 4 grams of fiber per serving. If you want, you can add cinnamon, maple syrup and raisin for extra test


Every apple contains 3.6 grams of fiber, which is quite enough for your baby. Along with this a few spoon of peanut butter treat will entertain your baby differently.


Your baby is playing games or watching TV, give him or her a cup of popcorn to spend a healthy time.


Some kids love to eat raw carrots but raw carrots may be sensitive to many children. So to avoid this problem bake some of it with cinnamon and give your baby a tasty fiber intake.


Per banana provides 3.1 grams of fiber, and there are few babies who do not like banana.

Whole grain bread

A few slice of whole grain bread with butter is loaded with fiber intake. If your baby has been bored with bread. Then entertain them differently making some sandwich.

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