Daily Fiber Intake

Fiber is known for its beneficial characteristics of keeping bowel movement regular. Apart from this property it protects heart lowers cholesterol level, keeps toxicant element out of the blood. All these activity helps to lower belly fat indirectly.  Some dietitian recommend to eat on an average 15 grams of diet per day. Some dietitian particularly say to take fiber based on gender, they recommend 30-38 grams for men and 21-25 grams.

Although thing is not as simple as said. It needs some explanation. The ultimate fiber intake depends on your total calorie consumption. The other factors is your age, gender and activity level.

Notion of dietary fiber

Fiber or roughage is mainly makes our foods bulky and remain almost undigested while passing through the narrow channel of intestine. It helps to maintain smooth contraction of intestine and keeps you regular in emptying your stomach. It is categorized into two types, one helps to hold water and the other makes stool larger and softer. Fiber is mostly rich in plant based foods.        

A general guideline for fiber intake

How much fiber intake you would take is determined by the amount of calorie you consume every day. Whatever your gender and age, it is recommended to take 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories. But for men the recommended dose is 38 grams and for woman 25 grams unto 50 years. After 50 years men should reduce this fiber intake to 30 grams and woman should reduce it 21 grams.

Increasing fiber intake

Maximum people get fiber intake from refined foods although it is harmful to depend on processed or refined foods. Processed foods are not low in fiber but it is very high in calories. On the other side processed foods makes you feel less satiating. It is good to take natural sources of fiber rich foods such as whole grain, vegetables and fiber. Choose whole grain that supplies at least 2.5 grams fiber per serving. Not only that, combine your whole grain meal with plenty of fruits and vegetables.    

Tips for increasing dietary fiber

Breakfast with fiber

To increase your fiber consumption, start breakfast with fiber containing meals. A bowl of cereal or oat meal is simply perfect for boosting your fiber consumption in the beginning of the day.

Combine with other fiber intakes

Take fiber rich foods in every meal of the day. For snacking eat fruit instead of juice. You can eat apple as whole, but if you take apple juice, you will be deprived of required amount of fiber content.

Keep beans

Beans are loaded with plenty of fiber. You can toss beans to salad. Besides legumes are another fiber content foods.

Diversify your meal

When you become bore with same dish everyday try something different. Bulgur, quinoa barley are rich with fiber and you can add to your dish to small dishes like salad. On the desert phase, various nuts and fruits made desert are full fiber and it satisfy your palate as well.

At last, I would admonish you regarding the degree of taking fiber rich foods. If you consume excess amount of it, it may cause gas formation, bloating and even constipation. So be sure about you are taking right amount of fiber every day.

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