Best Fiber Foods

Fiber rich foods is such a food that most of the people trend to avoid it. But they are very unaware about the potential benefits of it. Many people allege that they face difficulty in emptying their stomach. This indicates that they are not taking enough fiber rich foods in their meal. If you eat the amount you need you will feel less hungry as it controls digestion process. So you eat less frequently and consequently lose weight.

On the other side I you take enough fiber food then you experience diarrhea, gas etc. you need to balance the amount of fiber in your food. Doctors suggest taking 21-38 grams based on your age and sex. Here I am going to describe some best fiber rich foods.

Split peas

It is mainly used in protein rich soup, stews to add some fiber intake. It slows down your digestion process so that you stay full for long time. In every serving, you will get 231 calories. In every cup of it contains 16.3 grams of fiber, which is 65% of total amount. Along with this, you will get some carb fatty acids, amino acids, minerals etc.

Black beans

Do you love workout? If yes then black bean dish added with sweet potato, chipotle peppers are just perfect for staying full and satiated for longer period. Every cup of it comes with 15 grams of fiber. In every serving, it supplies 227 calories whose 60% is dietary fiber.


Very common item is found in every kitchen. Have you ever tried Artichokes with lime garlic, black pepper? It may seem very simple but you will get 10.3 grams of fiber in medium size of Artichokes. 120 grams of Artichoke contains 64 calories whose 41% comes from fiber.

Bran flakes

Some time we all rush for somewhere, so don’t get enough time to have our breakfast. That why we remain hungry for long time. But don’t worry, bran flakes smoothie is an item rich fiber and protein as well. This item will take long time to digest and you will stay satisfied. Every cup of bran flakes contains 7 grams of fiber and it provides 96 calories per serving.

Wheat pasta

There are so many kinds of pasta but wheat pasta with avocado is perfect, as it is delicious and fiber rich as well. From this delicious dish, 6.3 grams of fiber can be consumed. Per serving of wheat-pasta contains 174 calories and 25% of it comes from fiber.

Pearled barley

Pearled Barley has diversified use in various dishes. Normally it is used in soup, salad even in tea. It contains more fiber than oatmeal and brown rice. When you consume cooked barley, you will get 6 grams of fiber. Every cup of it supplies 193 calories. 24% of total calories come from fiber content.

In addition raspberries, blackberries, Brussels sprout, broccoli, peas, apples, quinoa, carrots, spinach, amaranth are very high content fiber foods. One thing you need to remember that no food is best if it consumed excessively. So try to know the right amount of these foods you can eat. At the same times try to know if there any foods that can create any side effects with fiber foods.

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