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Weight loss and fat burning process is closely related with the foods, we are used to eat on daily basis. Our food intake makes the great changes in the body structure in course of time. So, it’s very essential to know about the healthy foods and their impact in our body. There are some foods which will help you to lose weight at the same time ensure nutrition for your body. To know about the foods please visit ‘Fat burning food‘ page.

Dieting or be selective on food?

I have seen so many friends of mine who started with dieting to control their boated belly or weight gaining. Even some of them seem to cut down their daily meals while dieting and depriving themselves from any kind of cozy foods. After few days of doing like that way, they found it very monotonous. Then they gave up the process and get back to the old habit of taking rich foods in full stack. Thus what they reduced from their body was very much uncountable.

Therefore, I am not insisting you to diet what can lead you to monotonous life. Rather I would like to suggest you to select the right foods for you. Being selective in food intake is more useful than dieting in some aspects. To know more about calorie you can visit ‘All about calorie’ section of the site.

Introduce with the calorie section
Calorie is considered as the most important part while you are on the way to lose weight or flattening your belly. You have to have clear ideas about calorie. Almost all of the foods contain some of amount calorie. This calorie will be stored in the body, if it finds that you are consuming more calories than the demand. Basically our body tends to spend 2200± calories on each day just for BMR (basal metabolic rate). In addition some sort of workout can help to burn hundreds of calorie. So, on the following day if we can limit our food intake worth of 1700 calories, then in return we can make a deficit of 500 calories per day. Thus we can burn 3500 calories in a week, which is more or less equivalent to the 1 pound of body weight.

Food guide

Knowing about the food labels and their meaning is very important part while you are trying hard to get rid of you bloated belly. You will find a bunch of information on the attached labels of any kind of packed foods. Now, if you don’t know which one to prioritize and not, then it won’t lead the way to right direction towards the desired goal. I know some of us choose food on the basis of calorie, some gives priority on prices and some may get attracted by the appearances of pack or box! Although many of us know very little about the calories and its function, but in maximum cases we evaluate this as a major factor of food.

In most cases you will find few common things what you can observe in nutrition facts. These are likely-Calories, Fat (Saturated, Trans fat etc.), Cholesterol, Sodium, Carbohydrate (Dietary, fiber, sugar etc), Protein, Vitamin (A, B, C etc). Don’t be confused I have written about nutrition facts on ‘Food guide’ page. So please check the page for details.

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