Almost every one of us want to have a toned and properly shaped belly.  But, as a result of temptation on foods and not performing physical exercises on daily basis, you may get a bloated stomach in course of time.

What makes you feel embarrassed and in some cases you might also want to avoid parties or public gathering.

I am pretty sure you never want someone stare at your belly while walking in the sideways.

And if you are looking for every possible ways to get rid of this burden no matter how hard the process is, because I am here for you!

As you know that you didn't gain that bloated stomach within overnight, so it won't be possible to shrug all of those extra fat from your stomach within a short period of time. In some cases it is harder to lose weight than gaining. Although you had gained those fat in a very subconscious mind.

So, if somebody comes to you and claims that he can help you to shrug those fats off within days then it will be totally a miracle in terms of gaining flat stomach!

But don't be upset, there are always some ways out. I can present quite a number of examples who started to workout for flat stomach and gave up as a result of procrastination. Some even never try back!

I have also seen a significant number of examples who did try their best and stuck on the process of gaining flat stomach and succeeded in the long run. I myself is an example of those winners in this run.

Therefore, I insist not to judge on losers if you are determined to gain that goal. You may set some goals before taking part in this long run.

So hereby I am going to write down steps for you which you should follow from now on to be a winner someday.

First step

There is no any shortcut way to gain a flat stomach. So you should plan for a long time. You have to gain the flat stomach slowly but steadily. For counting your progress measure your weight once in a week or month.

Second step

On the way to gain a flat stomach you need to achieve your primary goal at the very first sight which necessarily means to lean and reduce your body fat at the initial level.

Third Step

Change your way of thinking and perspective as well. Never evaluate your workouts as a burden, rather make it as a gift for you. Because in the long run this workout will keep you stay toned and healthy.

Fourth Step

Set some realistic and achievable goals for you. Which necessarily means that if you are not able to workout everyday in a week, then you may fix 3/4 days to workout. And if it is not possible to work for long hours then make a plan for at least one hour each day.

Fifth Step

Diversify your daily workout if it seems monotonous for you. For instance you may start with walking first, then someday switch into running or gaming and so forth.

Sixth Step

Make your workout as a part of social life. You may form a group or get into one the existing ones to make your work as a social life activity.

Seventh Step

Share your achievement with your friends and give it a recognition. One small achievement can pave the way to a big milestone.

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