Lose Belly Fat in Two Days

Realistically speaking you just can’t lose your belly fat in a few days. But you can take strong efforts and may get the result in even 2 days! There are several measures that you can take in this regard. But in all cases you’ve to control your diet and select effective exercises. A correct diet plan which is matched with your lifestyle, health and physical condition, is extremely effective.

To lose belly fat within 2 days, you can follow these measures:

  1. You have to select those exercises that affect your entire body. Exercises like Yoga, Pilates are good choices. This kind of exercises builds muscles. They also speed up body’s metabolism rate. Increased metabolism rate ensures faster burning of calories. This is what is needed to hit the fat deposits in your body.
  2. Human body continuously requires detoxification. Toxicity is bad for health and if you do not cleanse your body from impure toxicity then you will suffer from various diseases. The solution to this problem is drinking more and more water. Therefore boost your daily water intake. At the same time avoid other forms of cold drinks and beverages. Water will cleanse your body and work as a powerful detoxification agent. This will also assist you in losing weight by increasing your body’s metabolism.
  3. In our day to day life we eat foods like cookies, chips, cakes plus candy. The problem is that these foods are rich in sugar, fat, calories, and cholesterol. This is against your total efforts of losing weight and belly fat. Also restrict yourself from any forms of high-calorie foods and junk foods. These foods will only increase your weight and deposit more fat in your belly.
  4. There are limits on a person’s everyday calorie intake. This limit differs from person to person. You need to check your limit. Less amount of calorie intake ensures fast burning of belly fat. A maximum of 800 calories are what you need per day in each of these 2 days. A controlled calorie intake will ensure that your body doesn’t absorb extra calories within these 2 days. Rather your body will lose calories from the calorie deposits in fat cells.
  5. You can also prepare a meal plan for these 2 days. This plan can include 4-5 meals per day. When you take your meals the target should be to take them in a way so that every meal is smaller than the one before. Meals are directly responsible for your body metabolism. In each of these 2 days, you can start the day with a good breakfast. Then gradually lower your food intake in terms of calorie in subsequent 3 or 4 other meals. As a result your body will start burning deposited calories in fat cells to meet the daily regular demand of calorie in the body. In this way you are ensuring confirmed decrease of calorie from your body in these 2 days.
  6. Make it a habit of doing workout to make an impact on your abdominal muscles within these 2 days. For example, doing crunches plus leg raises for several number of sets of 20 repetitions will work for you in these 2 days. Planks with a push-up position on your elbows can be done for 30 to 60 seconds and for 4 sets.
  7. Eat as much fiber based foods as possible during these 2 days. These foods will fill you up and keep you in a state where the body will not signal you for eating foods for a long time. Therefore choose whole grains, nuts legumes or vegetables. Fibers will not only keep you feeling full but also help you drop weight. You will feel nothing like hungry during these times.

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