Flat Stomach Crunches

As I previously discussed about the abs crunches, its advantages and when to perform. That’s why I don’t want to discuss it elaborately once again.

What I would like to remind you that before going to try for abs crunches make sure that you have achieved a lean body and reduced a good amount of fat from your body. If it seems like your body is stable and not going to accumulate any more extra fat then it is time to look for the flat stomach crunches.

Otherwise it is better not to switch abs crunches; rather you may look for some source of exercises which will help you to reduce your body fat. In that regard I insist on cardio. As it is one of the most effective exercises to help you burn a good amount of calories.

Sometimes people seem to believe that crunches are the only way to shape the belly muscle in desired way. But, it is a big misconception indeed. There are few important things to do before going to perform any kind of crunches on daily basis.

So hereby I am going to make it clear for you by setting two goals in the perspective of achieving flat stomach. These are like-

  1. Primary goal: Primary goal is in the process of flattening stomach should be reducing body fat and weight. To achieve this goal you may follow the diet tips and different types of cardio exercises.
  2. Secondary goal: Once you are stable and successfully achieved lean body then you may look for the secondary or final finale goal.

Set your goal priority

Primary goal is essential to achieve if you are really going to try for the flat belly. You have to allocate much time for approaching with your primary goal. Secondary goal should not be prioritized at the initial level. There is no shortcut way to achieve the primary goal though. You have to combine the dieting and workout approach together, and perform two things simultaneously to succeed in the primary goal target. Once you can achieve the first one then go for the second approach

There is a significant number of flat stomach crunches available out there. What may bring a state of confusion about which one to perform first? To make you clear about it, I am going to write about different type of crunches.

Best fat burning abdominal crunches

You can perform abdominal crunches in quite a good number of ways. Different crunches work on different parts of abdominal muscles. If you can perform various types of flat belly crunches simultaneously, then it will necessarily lead the way to burning fat from the different parts of abdominal zone and shape the muscle around this zone.

But here I am going to describe about some popular type of crunches you may try at home or at Gym. More specifically I am going to write down briefly about 7 best fat burning abdominal crunches. You may read to follow for shaping your abdominal muscles.

1. Regular crunch

This is a common and very popular form of crunches among others. For performing this crunch first you have to lie flat on the floor while your both knees will be bent keeping your feet flat on the floor. Now place your arms behind the head with the fingers just behind your ears.

Starts lifting your shoulder blades from the floor while your head pointing towards the room ceiling. Make sure you are not doing this just by pulling your heads up. Hold for a second in that lifted position and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat this process as long as you can perform.

To make it more difficult it is being recommended by instructor to hold for few more seconds while your body is lifted up.











2. Twisted crunch

This crunch is little different from the regular one. But, not very difficult or complex to perform. For performing this type of exercise you should lie on flat surface or floor mat. Now, lift up yourself heading toward the right side first and then left side. This crunch will basically help you to build muscles on the both side of your belly.

3. Bicycle crunch

This crunch is more likely driving a bicycle. To perform this firstly you have to lie on the flat surface or floor. Lift up both of your legs and keep them straight.

Now rise your upper part of the body as like you rise for doing abs crunch, then bend your knee and pull one of the legs pointing towards the stomach. It should be more likely peddling your bicycle. Bring back your leg straight again and simultaneously do the same process with another leg.

4. Long arm crunch

Lie on floor mat keeping your knees bent. But while performing this crunch your arms need to be kept straight above your head.

Now, pull up upper part of your body likewise you performed abs crunches. You have to keep your feet remain flat and stable while performing this exercise.

5. Reverse Crunch

This is a very simple and easier type of crunches. Regular belly crunches usually helpful for shaping upper part of your belly, whereas this crunch will help you to shape lower part of your belly. To perform this crunch firstly you have to raise your legs and then fold at the knees making V shape. Then push them back by the help of your two arms for touching the chest.


6. Raised crunch

For performing this crunch you need to find a big ball. You may find this tool at gym. To do this crunch you have to lie your upper portion of the body on a huge ball. Then keep your feet firmly on the floors making like 90° angle. Now you may proceed like regular crunches.

Before performing this make sure that you placed your body perfectly on the big ball. Otherwise it may slip.

7. Vertical Leg crunch

To do this crunch you have to raise your legs up and keep them straight. Now keep your arms behind your head and perform like other crunches.

There are also many other crunches like- Oblique crunch, Push crunch, Tuck crunch and so forth. You may perform these by the help of instructors at Gym.

Confused about which one is appropriate for you?

I know that by delivering brief description about different type of crunches, I might make you confuse about which one is appropriate for you.

I bet, none of those appropriate to you unless you could gain a lean body. Once you are able to reduce your body fat and feel stable in weight then you may begin with regular or standard crunches.

In my previous discussion of this article I have already set two goals for you. These were named Primary goal and Secondary goal. So, first you have to achieve the primary goal. Then start working for achieving Secondary goal.

However, among the different types of crunches bicycle crunches is more effective for shaping rectus abdominals and oblique.

I am not sure, but if you have already achieved a good shape around your belly then you may try alternatively all the others.

How long to perform or how many repetitions are necessary to achieve optimum result?

I am pretty sure that the above question is already being raised in your mind by reading all about the crunches.

In that regard I would like to inform you that doing different type of crunches for long time is not necessarily means that you will be able to achieve your flat or toned stomach within the earliest possible time.

Unless you can gain your primary goal, no matter how hard or difficult crunches you are performing it will result in failure in the long run.

If you are confident that you have achieved your primary goal then you may begin with two sets of 10/12 repetitions at the beginning.

If you realize that repetitions becomes easier for you to perform then you may switch to two sets of 20/25 repetitions or even more. Only if you are strong enough to perform.

Things to follow while performing crunches

There are few things you need to be aware of while performing the above mentioned flat stomach crunches. These things can help you to perform the crunches properly and thus you can achieve the optimum result within the earliest possible time. Otherwise, you will have to wait for long time for the outcome of your workouts.

Therefore, there are few things you can follow while performing crunches. Such as-

  1. Make sure you know the techniques and methods before switching to the particular form of flat stomach crunch
  2. Do not put much importance on the quantity or repetition; rather do the moves in proper way. It is worth to perform 50 moves properly instead of 100 moves without instructions
  3.  Try to perform numerous type of crunches, as you never know which would be the best fit for you
  4. Diversity in workout can help you to get rid of the monotony
  5. Make a plan about the duration of time you are going to spend on crunches
  6. Knowing the calorie being burned by certain form of abdominal crunch is much important to make a plan for calorie budget over the day
  7. Know your capacity and never tend to perform over the capability
  8. If you see nothing is working for you then you may need advice from certified trainer. He can also help you to avoid injury and can identify health problems if there is any.


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