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Almost everyone of us make every effort to bring our belly in shape. I am pretty sure nobody wants to hear any criticism about the shape of their belly.

In case if someone does ask about the shape of your tummy, just imagine how uncomfortable the situation would be for you!

Health Specialist believes that the endless number of exercises and throwing away all the favorite foods aren't the wise way to bring the stomach in shape. A well sculpted, toned and flat belly can be attained by following a series of good habits.

Hereby, I am going to present some useful tips being recommended by health specialists which are very simple and easy to follow to gain a flat belly.

Eat small but frequent meals

Whenever people want to do some physical changes first thing comes to mind that the control over food habits and heavy diet. But, the real picture is not like that for flattening belly.

You don’t have to throw away all your favorite foods overtime and stay hungry for long hours which will certainly result in muscle losing. If somehow it happens then instead of losing fat you are going to lose the shape of your body.

What specialist recommends in that regard is to take 5-6 smaller meals a day and leaving the habit of 2-3 bigger meals.

If someone could pump up the number of smaller meals throughout the day, it will definitely help the metabolism process happen accordingly. A well and sound metabolism will help the individuals to burn the excessive fats and start getting access to the calories from foods.

On the other hand if someone takes the meal after long interval, this will certainly slow down the metabolism and accelerate the process to preserve the food calorie as fat.

Stay away from all the fat rich foods

No matter how, but if you want to flatten your stomach then it’s high time to throw away all the fat rich food items from today. Fat is a rich source of energy or calorie.

Depending on the chemical structure or bonding pattern of fatty acid fats are classified as Trans-fat, saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. Some of these fats are considered as friendly for the body and some are very harmful which may make you unfit in course of time. I don’t want to elaborate my discussion about the typology of fats and evaluate which is good or bad for the body.

Wherever the source is and whatever the types are almost all types of fat provide the same amount calories, which is 9kcal/g serving. It necessarily means that regardless the type it will help you to achieve some good number of energy or calorie. If you consume more calorie than your need then the excess calorie will definitely store in your body as fat.

But if it is synthesized and proper in amount then it will help you to generate energy.

The monounsaturated fats found in avocados, nuts and fish oil is good for the body and can help you to lose weight in some extent.

If you are strongly determined to gain the flat belly then it’s high time to switch out from all kinds of high fat dairy products.

Try to keep fiber rich foods in your regular meal

Fiber rich foods are available all around the world. A regular intake of fiber rich foods and replacing the fats with fiber is a very fruitful initiative in terms of gaining flat stomach.

Sometime it seems like people know very little about fiber foods although it is available in your nearest market or super shop. These are likely leafy green vegetables, different kinds of beans, oat bran, and rice bran, different kinds of berries, peas, fresh fruits, brown rice, whole wheat bread and so forth.

Try to keep as much as fiber rich foods in your regular meal while you are trying your best to flatten stomach.

For each 10 grams of fiber you eat daily, your belly will carry almost 4% less fat. Fiber along with adequate liquid intake moves promptly and comparatively easily all the way through your digestive tract and helps it function properly. Moreover, these fiber food will stay longer period of time in your stomach and intestine.

Drink plenty of pure water

There shouldn’t be any compromise with water. It is an essential element for life. Required amount of drinking water may vary depending on sex, weight, height, physical activity and the surrounding environment of individuals.

Make sure you are drinking the pure water. Water will help to keep your body free from all kinds of germs and waste. You should change the regular beverages with pure drinking water, particularly densely sugared drinks or soda water which are rich in empty calories and will help your belly to bloat gradually.

Drinking lots of water will help to flush toxins out of your body and keep your bowels moving, both of which are essential for a flat stomach.

From different research it is found earlier that when individuals drink water before a meal, they lose weight faster than those who ought not to drink water.  And it is proved that water helps to boost the metabolism as well.

I hope while you are in the process of flattening your stomach you will have to try some physical exercises which will make you sweat. To fulfill that lost you might have to drink more water. Drinking water will help prevent exhaustion and post exercise fatigue as well.

Water helps to keep things moving fast and help the digestion process.

Sometimes it may seem pretty boring to drink regular water in daily basis, then consider to bring some changes to it. You may include some combination of ingredients such as lemon slices, orange slices, grated ginger, cucumber, fresh spearmint and fresh basil. It may help to boost up the metabolism and cut down on stomach fat.

Reduce the sodium intake

Generally Sodium is a mineral which is required for maintaining blood pressure. It helps to keep normal fluid balance in the body and transmitting nerve impulses.

But regardless of sodium intake can make your body unfit within a period of time. Basically, many foods contain small amounts of sodium, but the major amount of sodium in the diet being generated from salt.

Sodium helps your body to retain water, which causes you to look swollen particularly around your abdominal area. Whenever possible, try replacing sodium food items with healthier options.

Switch to regular table salt or sea salt, which are lower in sodium.  Try to stay away from soya sauce as it's full of it.

Start your day with proteins

From different studies it is found that eating a high-protein breakfast is more effective while someone is trying to flatten the belly. It will help you to feel fuller throughout the day, which may result in eating a smaller dinner and fewer night time snacks. 

On the other hand, starting the day with a low protein breakfast or not taking breakfast make your metabolism process remain slow throughout the day.

No compromising with breakfast

Breakfast is the first and prime meal which is a key to the healthy start of a day. Never compromise with the breakfast if you want to stay strong and fit throughout the day.

For an early start of Metabolism process you should rather try to take your breakfast everyday in a regular time.

It has been observed by the specialist that the people compromise their breakfast usually suffer in anxiety, distress, impatience, ill temper and so forth.

Try to skip taking heavy meals 2/3 hours before a goodnight sleep

I know you are already aware that your body becomes less active in the evenings and at night time while you are sleeping. Which necessarily means that your body is more likely to store calories instead of burning on that time.

The metabolism process slows down and excessive calories from the food being stored as fat in your body during the night time.

So, what I would like to suggest you that it is better to leave the habit of taking dinner at late night if you really want to flatten your stomach.

Don’t consume above your required calories

If someone tends to consume more calories than required, what will happen then?

Certainly more calories will be stored as extra weight in course of time. No confusion about it.

There is a common saying in these days that if someone does more exercise in each day he or she could consume as much food as possible. Which is very wrong indeed, when someone is trying to get rid from unexpected fats.

Please don't go above the calorie required by your body and try to follow these rule at least six days a week.

Stay away from Alcoholic beverages

Normal metabolism is very essential for digestion and keeping your body sound and fit. But, due to the absorption of Alcoholic beverages our regular and normal metabolism is being disrupted.

When you drink alcohol as it is very fast carbohydrate, it gets immediate attention because it is evaluated toxin for the body and needs no digestion. It adds empty calories in your diet within a short time.

Moreover, it is proved that alcohol actually stimulates your appetite. Which may result in overeating.

Exercise to flatten your stomach

There are no alternatives of exercising regularly while you are on the way to lose belly fat. Dieting alone can’t help you much to bring the belly back in shape. I had heard so many times in my life that people saying that no need of exercise while they were dieting to attain flat belly. But it’s very wrong.

Exercising and dieting should go simultaneously if you are determined to achieve your flat belly goal and really want to lose weight.

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