Flat Belly Exercises Myth

I have seen some of my friends being overwhelmed by given suggestions and advices while performing different types of exercise. They were trying their best to follow those suggestions to achieve their goal for flat stomach within the earliest possible time though it was very hard. Some of them try to perform those exercise in the Gym on regular basis.

When you are on the way to flatten your stomach you will find a bunch of advices on the web, printed media and from the instructors of gym. So you may be confused what to follow or not.

But, from my own experiences and observations I would like to suggest you that don’t be confused or overwhelmed. Not all of those advices will work properly. There are a significant number of misconceptions about exercises and weight lose.

Here, I am going to present some of the common misconceptions about exercises.

Misconception: 1

 Is there any way to lose some weight from the specific part of the body by doing exercise?

There are a significant number of exercises available for spot toning or losing weight from the specific parts of the body. But in reality once you will start to lose weight you could never choose a particular area in where the reduction will take place.

It is almost predetermined by your body instinct. For instance, you may start with crunches or sit ups, as these are very common exercises being performed while someone in the process of flattening stomach. In reality you won’t be able to burn fats from your abdominal area by trying those rather it will strengthen your abs.

Likewise by running or walking you would be able to reduce the fats from all over the body, but you can’t predetermined that only the leg’s fat will be deducted.

What I would like to suggest you in that perspective is to do exercise keeping in mind to lean your body from extra weight or fat at first site. Then you can go for spot toning.

Misconception: 2

 Does abdominal machine work for flat stomach?

I have had seen so many people who bought a significant number of abdominal machines to flatten their stomach. The way they began was a great mistake. Regardless of the fat from other parts of the body they started with the abs machine which result in no outcome at all.

So, instead of trying those abs machine first thing is to know about the calorie budget of your body.

If you can burn a plenty of calories from your body and can start with losing weight from all over the body then you may achieve some results by trying those abs machine.

Misconception: 3

Exercise for a longer period of time can burn fats from stomach?

There are so many people out there who seem very depressed about their bloated stomach. They try die hard to regain the shape. After studying about the advantages of different kind of exercises, some begin to try those for longer period of time to gain an optimum result within a short period of time. In reality it will help them to lose muscles and fat from all over the body not just from stomach. In some cases, people get sick and weak as a result of longer period of exercise.

From my own experience I would like to share with you that you shouldn’t try to achieve the goal for flat stomach overnight. There is no any shortcut way to do this job. So, it would be wise to achieve the goal by sustainable planning.

Misconception: 4

Consuming more foods is not bad while you are performing different type of exercises?

I have seen so many examples of misconception about consuming foods while people trying different type of exercise on daily basis. Some believes that eating more foods is better while performing exercises. In reality it is a great mistake!

Weight losing or flat stomach is all depends on calorie budget.

So, if you consume more calories than you burn then it will be certainly stored in your body as fat. No matter how hard or tough exercises you are performing each day.

Misconception: 5

Can cardio help to gain flat stomach within a short period of time?

There is a common misconception about the cardio exercises among the people. Some people seem to believe that cardio is the most effective exercise for weight losing and it is true in some extent. Long hours of cardio may result in muscle losing and fat burning within a short period of time.

Once you lose muscles from your body, it necessarily means that you are losing very little amount of calorie during the leisure. It is also proved that some hard cardio can pave the way to depressed metabolism. A depressed metabolism causes more weight gaining once you quit performing cardio.

What I would like to suggest you in that regard is to integrate workouts along with the cardio for long lasting effect in your body.

Misconception: 6

Will diet pills along with the cardio boost the process for flat stomach?

I have seen so many companies out there marketing their pills claiming that it can accelerate the process of flat stomach. But, this fact is not medically proved yet.

The truth about the diet pill is it can help you to reduce small amount of weight in course of time by frequently discharging the body fluids. Nevertheless it may help you to get rid from the excess fat.

There is a common misconception being popular among the people about this diet pill. Some seems to believe that trying this pills along with exercise will boost up the process of achieving flat stomach.

As I have already mentioned that there is no any quick fix for your bloated stomach. You have to wait for a longer period of time for a sustainable result.

Early fix can be gained in some cases but it won’t never sustain for long time.

Misconceptions: 7

Is there any standard time for performing exercise?

When people doing different type of exercises, a question raised in mind is there any standard timing for performing exercises?

Different studies show that there is no trustworthy evidences that calories is being burned more effectively in a particular period of time of a day.

Since it is not proved yet, you may perform exercises in your comfortable time zone.

Misconception: 8

No pain no gain; you have to accept pain for flat belly exercise.

Not true. Pain is a normal feeling of your body that tells you something is going wrong or you are crossing limit. So you have to stop when you feel pain. Sweating and breathing hard during exercise is normal but pain is a warning that you should stop before something really bad happens.

Concentrate on quality not on quantity. Half-done crunches will not benefit you, instead of that ensure quality crunches. 4 sets of around 25 solid crunches with little rest will give better result than 200 plus half-done crunches.

One more thing, starvation is never a good idea. It’s unhealthy and unsustainable. It will slow down your metabolism and at the end you will gain extra weight when you start to eat normally.

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