AB Crunches

Flat stomach is firmly related with abdominal crunches. It is almost very common trend to perform abs workout regardless of overall body fat.

I am pretty sure that if you possess a bloated belly and ask your friend what to do first to gain a flat stomach then definitely he/she will suggest you to try abs crunches. I have seen so many people even don’t have the capability to perform crunches due to having bulky body at the beginning. In that regard before going to try for abs crunches there are few more things you need to be aware of.

I am not sure about all of your body structures or weight. Some might have fat all over the body and some only have around the abdominal area.

But, wherever the fat is abs crunches will not necessarily burn the fats at first sight. Rather it will help you to build muscles around the abdominal area.

Therefore, regardless of the body fat if you buy a good number of crunch exercise equipment and start doing crunches from tomorrow, will you succeed? Not at all. It will be a great mistake indeed!

You have already come to know from the previous discussions that the weight losing or flat stomach is all depends on your calorie budget. So, first thing is to know that how much calorie you will need to burn to lose a good amount of weight. Once you are stable and can gain a lean body then you may try for muscle building.

Besides, abs crunches is not a perfect type of exercise to burn a good amount of calories from your body although it is very hard to perform.

From different health studies it is proved that if a 165 lbs person performs moderately intense crunches for around 15 minutes, he/she will be able to burn just 84 calories in return. On the other hand by performing cardio a person can burn a significant amount of calories overtime.

Whether your goal is to lose few pounds or flattening your stomach, don't be disappointed by the low caloric burn from abs crunches. Enhancing the power of your core area and other parts of your body through various exercises you will be able to contribute in a significant way to your caloric burn.

Once you can achieve a lean body and then by performing abs crunches the more muscle you add, the faster your metabolism. As this rate increases, your body will burn calories at a higher rate, regardless of the activity you perform.

Kinds of abdominal crunches

There are quite a good number of abdominal crunches available to perform while trying to shape the abdominal muscles in proper way. You can get the instructions from the gym instructor to stick to the right form of crunches. And after few days of performing if you find that it befits with your capability, then you can make it regular to gain the desired abdominal shape.

However, here I am going to write down about the few common forms of abdominal crunches, which are being performed all over the world. These are likely-

  1. Regular crunch
  2. Twisted crunch
  3. Bicycle crunch
  4. Long arm crunch
  5. Reverse crunch
  6. Raised crunch
  7. Vertical leg crunch
  8. Cable crunch
  9. Push crunch
  10. Stability ball crunch

I have discussed about above-mentioned form of AB crunches in “Flat Stomach Crunches” section to help you out knowing the proper methods and techniques.

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