Before starting flat belly exercise


Maintaining flat belly for long time is not quite an easy task while we are living in the age of food diversity and our daily life has become so easier. Everything comes to us without doing much physical activities. This lifestyle is the reason to make us lazy day by day and we are barely performing any movements of the body. Thereby we are gaining much fat all around the body, which leads the way to gain a bloated belly at the very first sight.

Flat belly is the most well known topic now a day. If you have gained a bloated belly in course of time, then you may realize how much troubles it is creating for you in your daily life. You have to walk slowly, can’t perform enough physical activities and eventually it become inevitable for you to stay away from rich foods. High calorie foods, fat rich foods, sugared drinks etc. are considered as curse for you. Your life becomes hazardous by eating fat burning foods and low calorie food. I know, you are looking for a sustainable solution of this problem.

Now, I am here to suggest you few things that can help you to get back your favorite food items. Dieting can be a great catalyst to help you achieve flat stomach. But, dieting alone can’t make this happen. You have to perform numerous things along with the dieting. These are likely-

1. You have to perform various types of cardio exercise. Before performing cardio or aerobic exercise, if you directly switch to the more hardcore exercises like spot toning, weight lifting, crunches, Pilates and so forth, it won’t work. At the initial level it would be a great mistake to perform, as these are especially performed for strengthening muscle and eventually shaping those in desired way.

So, at first you have to gain a lean body, which is reduced in fat. Once you are stable and not gaining enough fat or weight, then you may switch to the spot toning.


There are a number of benefits of cardio exercises. These benefits include losing weight, strengthening heart and lungs, increasing bone density, stress reducing, relief from depression, sound sleep and so on. As I am talking about belly, flattening process by doing cardio exercises all these benefits come as by product. The most important benefits of cardio exercises is the increasing rate of heart. When the heart rate is increased, the blood circulation process become more active. As a result, the body muscle get oxygen enriched blood. This activity increases the metabolism process. In the metabolism process, consumed food is quickly converted into energy. Consequently, the extra energy cannot be stored in the body. 

Another positive side of cardio exercise is, it keeps the mind cheerful. It helps to remove the depression. So that you will not feel the boredom of belly flattening process.

Belly flattening process is a little bit time consuming process. Knowing all these benefits of cardio exercises, you may be over excited thinking it will bring a magical result overnight. Don’t be over expecting. Just take ahead your belly-flattening plan with soft approach.

2. Dieting is closely related with the calorie budget. Knowing about the calorie budget is the most important thing while you are on the way to gain flat belly. All that foods you eat on daily basis, these will just transformed into calories by digestion process. Producing calorie is also incorporated with the metabolism process. If the metabolism process is sharp and sound, then this will certainly lead you on the way to flat belly by utilizing gained calories. Otherwise, excessive calories you are gaining will be stored as extra weight and fat in your body.

So, all you have to do is to know more about the calories and its impact on your body. If you could burn enough calories from the body, then certainly it will result in losing weight from the overall body. You may find more information about calories in the ‘All about calories’ section of this website.

3. There is no shortcut way to gain flat belly. It’s essential to follow the long term process. You have to think at the wider perspective. If you want to gain a flat belly within couple of weeks then it will be quite a tough job for you. In addition, it can make you feel sick for performing enough of activities.

On the other hand, if you can make a long term plan and stick on your goal, then nothing can stop you from gaining flat belly. You have to go slowly but surely. Your long term approaches will certainly result in success.

4. Bring the diversity on workout and dieting plan. It can be a great strategy to stick to the flat belly goal. There are no specific established hypothesis or theoretical approaches which can help you to reach the flat belly goal. So, if you can bring diversity in your work plan then sometimes few things will work properly whereas most of the things will not. For instance, while dieting you have make sure that you are not just eating less amount of calorie, but also eating many fiber rich food, fat burning and low calorie food alongside. Same thing you can try for the workout plan as well.

For having diversified foods, you have to know the category of food sources. When you are well conversant about the food sources, you can easily switch among the foods within the same category. As a result, you will not be bored with the same kind of foods every time. With diversified foods, you can rotate among the foods option and you can enjoy the food entertainment.

As you are eating diversified foods so that you can easily get all necessary food element to your body. Sometimes you can chicken rather beef or fish. Rice can be taken as an alternative of bread or cereal.

The same principle you can apply for workout also. Sticking to the same time of workout very often bring physical and mental monotonous feeling. So sometimes, you can challenge yourself. Some new kind of workout will give you an extra momentum. Ultimately it your weight loss process will be accelerated in interesting way.

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