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Knowing about the body structure is very important while you are on the way to flatten your stomach. Your body structure will necessitate what to follow or not for the better outcome.

First of all you have to know about your body structure in a very scientific way. It could be done by measuring your height, weight and body fat percentage. Once you know the condition of your body, then you can customize your goal. To observe the progress you can measure your weight once in a week or month.

You may have seen many people of different body structure around you. Some people are skinny, some are fat and some are naturally fit person. In your friend circle sometimes, you laugh at your fatso friend and sometimes at your skinny friend. Of course, sometimes you become amazed seeing your fit and handsome friend. Have you ever thought why this is so? The reason behind this is genetic factor. Genetic factors affects on our body structure and look.

I know some people who eat whatever they want and this eating habit does not influence their weight or body structure. There are also some people who eat less but do not lose their weight. It is because of their genealogy and   difference in hormone. Scientifically there are three basic types of body structure. These are-

  1. Ectomorph
  2. Mesomorph
  3. Endomorph

To understand this category very easily I have divided this three into four groups.

Depending on the height and weight body structure can be categorized into four classes. These are –

  1. Super heavy structure
  2. Heavy structure
  3. Medium structure
  4. Lean structure

For your better understanding, I have written down briefly about these four types. You can learn about these types to determine where you are and where you want to be.

1. Super heavy structure

Super heavy structure refers to excessive fat all over the body. It necessarily means that you must possess overweight, which is very dangerous. It may increase the probabilities to be affected by several diseases.

In general, if you are a man of average height and possessing the weight more than 300 pounds. Then it will be considered as super heavy structure. There are significant number of reasons could be found behind your super heavy structure. But basically there are some common reasons behind it, such as –

  • Your metabolism is very slow
  • Your genetic inheritance of obesity
  • You  are keeping yourself away from physical activities
  • You are not aware about the nutrition facts of your daily food
  • You may usually tend to eat over your necessity which may result in over calorie intake

2. Heavy structure

Heavy structure refers to the structure possessing fat mainly in the lower portion of body. The person having this structure might possess enough fat in abdomen, stomach and hip. But the overall weight is must less than the super heavy structure. There are so many reasons to own type of body structure. Some major reasons are more or less likely to the super heavy structure.

3. Medium structure

Medium structure is less dangerous than super heavy structure and heavy structure. In this particular condition of the body fats are not visible, when we wear clothes. It is considered as immediate previous step to gain lean structure.

4. Lean structure

Lean structure is considered as the closest structure while you are on the way to flatten your stomach or losing weight. Lean structure necessarily means that neither you are fatty or skinny. You have reduced the fat from all over the body. But, now you are going to try for the spot toning or something like that.

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